June 04, 2014

Soapasaurus | Geek Themed Bath & Body

Back in March I attended the local Comic Con I came across what was an unusual stall, Soapasaurus. As you can guess by the name, they specialise in geek themed soaps but also sell lip balms, scrubs and candles. Unlike a lot of online indie soap stores, this is located in the UK so you don't have to pay an extortionate shipping fee or customs charges for too large an order.

Winter is Coming may be boring visually but it was love at first sniff even my partner decided he'd start using it. It has limey top notes of lemon, lime and bergamot along with lavender, armoise, galbanum, rosemart and greenleaf. It's floral heart consists of jasmine, lily, geranium, rose, violet and orange blossom. The base is filled with precious woods, amber, musks and moss. The only thing I dislike about the soap is that we went through it quickly.

Fight or Flight is actually a Hunger Games inspired soap. I don't know why it took me so long to realise this as it is a Primrose scented soap. The floral notes are subtle though. This is one of the few interesting soap bars Soapasaurus do as a lot of the bars are single colors only, I'd love to see more like these. Fight or Flight also lasted longer than Win or Die did.

The D20 soap is really what lured me to the stall at Comic Con, they also had a Tardis soap, Pokeballs and old school game boy cartridge soaps. The D20 soap comes in 2 different scents, peppermint which is blue and a fruity one which is red. I opted for the peppermint which can cause mild tingling in certain areas. It feels like mouthwash for your body.

Each of these soaps cost £5 but were on offer for 3 for £12 at the con. If they happen to be at another con I attend, I will definitely be picking up 3 bars of Win or Die. All in all, I look forward to more releases by Soapasaurus, it's nice to have an indie soap company in the UK.

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