June 09, 2014

Shattered Heart Nail Art Tutorial with Gold Gosh Cracked Nail Polish*

I've never been a fan of the cracked nail polish trend. Does anyone even use these kinds of polishes anymore? Anyway, I received Gosh's cracked nail polish in Gold at a recent blogger meet and had no idea what to do with it as I really don't care for the generic cracked nail polish all over a nail color. Eventually I thought I'd try out this shattered heart manicure.

Get the nails
1. Apply a base color of your choosing
2. Cut a heart shape on a piece of scotch tape
3. Attach to nails and paint on the shattered nail polish
4. Peel off the tape and add a clear top coat

I feel like the formula of this polish was off, when I applied this over a base color it would form lumps on top that refused to set even after 3 top coat layers. Even when I was just applying the polish the formula felt lumpy, it is easily the most aggravating polish I've ever used.. It works best with a really thin layer but even then in was problematic because of the lumps. It is definitely strange as I've used some of Gosh's other nail polishes and have had no issue at all with them.

On the plus side, each bottle of Gosh's cracked nail polish range only costs £1 on Superdrug. So if you're curious, it doesn't cost much and I suppose you get your money's worth.

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