June 10, 2014

Selfridges Birmingham Personal Beauty Shopper Experience

Last week, I was invited to Selfridges Birmingham to experience their new Personal Beauty Shopper consultation with Rose. I wasn't shopping for a particular item but I was keen on learning more about brands that weren't Illamasqua and Urban Decay as I already own so much by them. Which lead us to one of the main new recent additions to the beauty hall, Charlotte Tilbury.

With all the hype and talk about Charlotte Tilbury, I admit I have been rather curious about the brand but it's almost always busy whenever I stop by the counter. So it was lovely to have Rose there to recommend her favorite eyeshadow quads, the dolce vita and vintage vamp as I've yet to decide which one to try out. The other new big brand addition to Selfridges is Urban Decay which is rather exciting as their new stall is gorgeous compared to the old one in Debenhams.

My favorite areas in the hall though has to be the Selfridges Heroes and the Beauty Workshop. The Selfridges Heroes area is essentially a great place for partners who are clueless about beauty products to stop by and find an awesome gift. The Beauty Workshop area (not pictured) offers a range of small affordable goodies such as the EOS balms, Violent Lips range and lip tars by OCC.

We spent a long time in Jo Malone trying out different perfumes. My favorite scents were Blackberry & Bay along with Earl Grey & Cucumber. Since earl grey & cucumber is the only scent I really liked that's also available in the Selfridges Exclusive decorative bottles though, I may end up picking that one up. The other new big exclusive is Bobbi Brown's Art Sticks which looks like yet another Chubby Stick but applies matte whilst feeling creamy.

During the consultation, I was surprised to learn that the Birmingham Selfridges have introduced a new service where you can create your own Chanel fragrance and Dior now have a nail bar.

Although the Personal Shopper Service is tailored to find a particular product that you request such as a concealer or foundation and I hadn't really asked for anything, I did still benefit from the experience. Rose was so welcoming and knowledgeable about everything in store, she made an excellent shopping buddy. If you've ever felt intimidated by staff in beauty halls, I felt like I was receiving special treatment just by being with Rose as the Selfridges staff seemed more friendly than their usual selves.

Booking yourself for what is currently Birmingham's only Personal Beauty Shopper Consulation is £30 and is redeemable with your purchase on the day.

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