June 16, 2014

MadeULook Makeup Brushes

Last year, a few of my 5 year old makeup brushes which began falling apart. It's not as bad as it sounds though, as I just needed to glue them back together. However, since they were old, I thought it was time to invest in new brushes. It turned out that one of my favorite Youtubers, MadeYewLook, came out with a 11 piece turquoise brush set, so I decided to try them out. Sidenote: I took these photos when I first received these so I apologise for the photo quality.

Eyebrow brush - I've never been a fan of brow brushes in the past as they've felt too stiff they'd itch my skin. This however is firm enough to use without scratching myself.

Powder brush - This is one of my favorite brushes in the set, it feels so soft whilst applying on my face. My previous powder brush, although originally soft became spikey and had a lot of fallout on my face. Safe to say I've had no fallout with this.

Angled brush - I love my angled blush brush by Illamasqua. I find this brush is a lot thicker than Illamasqua's though so I tend to not really use this one as much as it covers a bit more surface area than I'd like. I've yet to really find a use for it.

Blush brush - I tend to use an angled brush for my blush so for a long while didn't make use of it until I started using cream blushers.

Foundation brush - I've already had a decent quality foundation brush so I didn't rave over this but it was a nice addition as it's always useful to have one spare and it is excellent quality.

Large eyeshadow brush - Aside from just patting eyeshadow on a large surface area, I will occasionally use this as a primer brush as well.

Medium eyeshadow brush - This is pretty straightforward, although I find myself not using it that often. On the rare occasion that I can be fussed to use concealer I'll use this brush.

Crease brush - My most used brush out of the lot, great for precise application and getting into the crease. I also have a habit of just using this directly on the lid too.

Detail brush - This is the only brush in the set I'm not happy with. When I received this the brush was already frayed slightly which I think was because of customs but I have no idea.

Small eyeshadow detail brush - I'm personally a big fan of using this on my lower lash line however I've also used this as a lip brush too (after cleaning of course).

Small angled brush - This is an excellent multi purpose brush. I've used it on my brows, on my lower lash line and for gel liner, though I'm sure there are other uses for it.

I definitely think this makes for a great starter kit although I wouldn't say it gives you everything you need, I would have loved to have a blending brush in the set. I love that they're a bright turquoise color instead of a safe black one, they're super soft and even after cleaning them I've experienced zero fallout. Considering how makeup brushes can be really expensive on their own, the set is affordable ($65 for 11 pieces) without sacrificing quality.

My only main issue with this is that I received a customs charge shipping to the UK so it did raise the price more than I'd have liked. My minor problems are that it felt like it was packaged cheaply, it had small plastic covers on all the brushes that moved around a lot whilst being shipped here so it looked like a mess when I opened my parcel and the 'MadeULook' symbol does fade over time. The last bit is expected though as I can understand she wanted to keep the costs low to be able to sell them at a decent price.

As I purchased this around the end of last year, Lex now sells the brushes separately. If you're not interested in spending the money on a full set, my top 3 favorites would be the powder brush, the crease brush and the small angled brush.

Overall, I definitely don't regret my decision, you can purchase Lex's brushes on her MadeULook website.


  1. I really want to try her brushes!

  2. Wow they look good.Need new brushes as well. I am not so good with makeup but I am really wanting to learn. Would you like to follow each other?

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  4. These look fab! Although I'm terrible for buying brushes on mass and never using them (I blame that on my current Real Techniques obsession). A perfect colour for Gem - I'm still holding out for a perfect pillarbox red brush set someday :oD.

    Amie | hellbentforlipstick.com

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