June 11, 2014

MAC Kelly Osbourne Dodgy Girl Lipstick

When i first saw the images of MAC's the Osbournes collection, particularly Kelly's, I knew I needed the full collection. I'm a sucker for anything purple. Unfortunately the UK release day has been pushed early instead of August as planned and as I'm going to IMATs this month, I only allowed myself one piece, Kelly Osbourne's lavender pink lipstick, Dodgy Girl 

Top to Bottom - Riot House, Dodgy Girl, Kelly Yum Yum, Strip Poker

It's no secret that Kelly's inspiration for the range was herself and so when I went in store to swatch some of the shades I was kind of unsure whether it'd suit my skin tone. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for experimenting and wearing what you want. However the second I swatched Riot House on myself, being a woman of color, I was like nope, nope nope NOPE. It was way too pale for my liking and seemed too ganguro for me, however I definitely think people with lighter skin tones and even a much darker skin would be able to get away with it.

Kelly Yum Yum was a cool toned neon pink shade that I'm sure I could have pulled off but I already had a few bright pink colors that I don't really wear. Strip Poker is too much of a pale nude for my liking. However, Dodgy Girl looked wonderful in store as it came off rather purple next to the other shades but of course I'm being biased.

If you suffer from dry or chapped lips, Dodgy Girl will cling on to dry patches. So I would recommend using a lip scrub and balm to avoid that. Dodgy Girl is a lavender pink shade that in my opinion came off more purple than pink when I used my lip primer. I'm unsure if the color suits me, I've become so used to either only wearing either nude, brown, berry or dark lip colors that I feel insecure wearing anything light.

In terms of potential dupes for Dodgy Girl, it reminds me a little of Collection's Perrie's lipstick but lighter. It also makes me think of a mix between Lime Crime's Airbourne Unicorn and D'Lilac. However, don't take my word for any of these as I don't actually own any of those lipsticks.

A lot of products are currently sold out on the MAC UK website but your best chance to grab one of these is to go in store and see if they're available. They were still available in Selfridges yesterday when all the lipsticks sold out online.

Have you picked up anything from the MAC Osbournes collection? Share below!


  1. I haven't bought anything from this collection, none of the colours would suit me I don't think! This is such a pretty colour but it just wouldn't look good on me, sadly :(
    Katherine Rosie | UK Beauty Blog

  2. I didn't pick up anything, but I did want this colour.

  3. Yay! This is the ONLY thing I wanted from this collection as well and after missing out on it from MAC, Nordstrom, and Macy's, I finally snagged it from Bloomingdale's. I can't wait until it gets here! It looks lovely on you!

  4. I wanted this lipstick so much but when I tried it on in store it didn't suit me at all. :( But Kelly Yum Yum was gorgeous! However I can't find it anywhere to buy now. :(