June 22, 2014

MAC Kelly Osbourne Bloody Brilliant Dupes

After purchasing Kelly Osbourne's Dodgy Girl lipstick, I kept going back and forth to Selfridges to look at the Bloody Brilliant quad. I wasn't 100% sure whether I wanted it or not as the palettes that generally tend to catch my eye are filled with bright colors. I've never gone back and forth between a palette so much and I was hoping the palette would sell out.

In the end, I caved due to my purple Achilles heel and I figured there must be a reason I keep coming back to it. I'll be doing another post focusing on the palette itself but I first wanted to compare the palette to a few things in my collection. When I first began using this, it reminded me of another palette I owned that I haven't given much love to, Illamasqua's Empower palette.

Bloody Brilliant vs Illamasqua Empower Palette
Spoonful of Sugar, Blink, Tickety Boo, Fervent, Fizzy Rose, Synth, Shadowy Lady, Slick

However when it came down to swatching, I realised they weren't exact dupes but still somewhat similar. The highlighter shade in the Empower palette has pinky undertones making it a closer dupe to Fizzy Rose than Spoonful of Sugar. A cross between Fervent and Blink would have made an excellent dupe for Tickety Boo. Illamasqua's only cream shade Slick is a lot more shimmery and has a grey charcoal feel to it whilst Shadowy Lady has a subtle dark plum feel to it.

The shadows in the Empower palette were all easily better quality than MAC's in terms of pigmentation. The shadows in the Empower palette each contain 1.5g of product whilst MAC's contain 1.4g. The prices are similar with the Empower palette priced at £34 and MAC's at £33.

Although they aren't perfect dupes, Illamasqua's Empower palette is significantly more pigmented than MAC's and contains more product per pound.

Bloody Brilliant Palette vs Makeup Geek Shadows
Spoonful of Sugar, Shimma Shimma, Tickety Boo, Prom Night, Fizzy Rose, Wisteria, Shadowy Lady, Drama Queen

Since Makeup Geek tend to compare their shadows to MAC's, I thought I'd find the closest dupes from my Makeup Geek collection to compare and as you can tell from above they were all almost perfect dupes. Shimma Shimma has a slight yellow/gold hint to it whilst Spoonful of Sugar looks like a basic white shimmery highlighter shade. Prom Night seemed like a lighter shimmery version of Tickety Boo. Wisteria when blended out/applied lightly came off as a slightly duller dupe of Fizzy Rose. Drama Queen is a shimmery version of Shadowy Lady.

All my swatches were done over Urban Decay Primer Potion and I found that MAC's shadows still required extra effort to get them to show up as well. Whilst all my Makeup Geek swatches were done with one swipe. Wisteria can be built up to a pale purple shade whilst what you see above is the brightest you'll be able to get Fizzy Rose without a white base. Makeup Geek's shadow pans all only cost $5.99 (Just over £3.5) and contain 1.8g of product as well. You could easily purchase these 4 shades and a mini Z-palette and it'd still be cheaper than this quad.

 Makeup Geek's range of shadows contain excellent dupes for the Bloody Brilliant Palette, not only do you get more product for less but the shadows are highly pigmented. 

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  1. I love Make up Geek's shadows, they are so good for the money. Im dying to get her new blushes that have been launched as well.