June 30, 2014

IMATS London 2014 Haul

I've already posted up an instagram photo of my haul but I thought some people would be curious to get a closer look on what I picked up at IMATS. I already mentioned that it's not too hard to make up the ticket price with the discounts available however I did purchase some non discounted items. The majority of the stuff I bought though are really only available online so when you take shipping into account it does cost less at the event.

NARS was the first stall I went to as I had heard they had some excellent discounts despite not having their full range. They're a brand I've not had much experience with so I thought I'd pick up the velvet matte lip pencil and sharpener set with shades Cruella, Cafe Con Leche and Bettina. From what I can tell this was originally around £30 but was selling for £15 at the event and considering how each Nars Velvet pencil costs £18 it's definitely the best bargain I picked up at the event. However, it's also the purchase I regret the most as I feel like I purchased it just for the sake of a bargain so I'm unsure what to do with it. 

Next, I hit up the Sugarpill stall as I was very keen to get my hands on their new limited edition Olivia shadow. It's a pretty gold green shadow that I'll be reviewing soon. I also planned on picking up some of their false lashes but sadly they didn't have any of them on show. I was also very tempted to pick up the new sparkle baby shadows but I'm holding out for the palette so I settled on picking up their blending brush as I find my only blending brush is bigger than I'd like.

Next, I stopped by the Violet Voss stand as I knew I wanted some glitters and I'd heard a fair bit about them beforehand. After much ooh-ing and ah-ing I decided on picking up the glitters in Paige (purple), Rose (red), Copperella (copper) and Victoria (pink). Then I headed over to the Love-Makeup stand to pick up Lime Crime's Chinchilla lipstick but it was sold out so I decided to pick up their Wicked Velvetine instead.

After those stops, I decided to wander around and take a look at what's available. I came across the Body FX stall from New Zealand who had some pretty cool prosthetics that would come in handy for potential cosplays or just for Halloween like flowers, a Poison Ivy brow mask and mermaid shells. I decided to go for a few gears for a potential steampunk night. I also came across the Bobbi Brown Pro stand whose only discounted item for the public was their Black Gel Liner for half price. Since I get some serious eyeliner envy from Lima of Fashionicide who uses gel liners quite often, I thought I'd retry using gel liner. 

Mehron was one of the first stands I had stopped by as their pastel paradise paint palette was on my must buy list but when I got there they said they didn't have it. Thankfully when I returned it turned out they actually did, I plan on using this for an Ursula cosplay along with a few other looks. I also picked up some black paint for outlining and the fleur prisma paint palette (top right) as I thought it'd be awesome to use for a Poison Ivy cosplay.

By this point I had already gone over budget and was playing around at the OCC stall (yet another bunch of lovely people) and was deciding between Black Dahlia and Rollergirl. Since I'd already picked up Lime Crime's Wicked, I thought I'd pick up Rollergirl, because I totally need another purple lip color right?

So that's my entire haul and I'm quite happy with most of it. Since I already own a lot of lipsticks and eyeshadows I did try hard not to add more to the collection and tried to add new things like the glitters and Mehron paints. The only product I kind of regret purchasing is the NARS set.

So what are you guys interested in seeing first? Let me know and I'll try and review it soon!


  1. The Olivia shadow looks absolutely beautiful! I'm very jealous of the Nars set too.

  2. Dying to get my hands on some Lime Crime and OCC!
    Sam xo

  3. I wish we have an IMATS in New Zealand! Everything looks amazing x

    Kay ♡ imladiiekay