May 31, 2014

Too Faced Melted Liquified Lipstick in Nude

Having broke my spending ban, I decided to indulge myself some more as Too Faced Melted reviews had been popping up everywhere. My instant reaction was 'do want, please give'. I was originally put off by the price but when BeautyBay had these on sale, I thought I'd try one.

I decided to go for one of the more 'boring' shades, Melted Nude as I've been purchasing too many unusual shades as of late. This shade tends to vary depending on the wearer, it comes off rather beige on me. Which works for me as I find shades of brown on my lips suit my skin tone. 

Although it's not as glossy as in the promotional pictures, it does have a slight sheen to it originally and eventually fades into a stain. It is surprisingly super pigmented and easy to apply. The formula lasts around 4 hours, or longer depending on how little you eat, but I can't say for certain as it's so close to my lip color for me to notice.

I genuinely think the reason I wanted this so badly was because of the packaging of the box rather than the product itself. The tube packaging makes it great for squeezing out as much product as possible out when you're close to running out. The only problem I have is when I open it, there's always a bit of product that's been squeezed out already waiting to be used.

Each tube of Too Faced Melted range sells for £19 in the UK at BeautyBay, or £13.30 ($21) from Sephora. Personally, I love these, but would wait for them to be on offer before purchasing but definitely have my eye on that Violet shade of theirs, I have a problem.

Have you tried these out yet? What Too Faced products would you recommend?


  1. It looks so good on you! And I'm not even a fan of natural shades :D I like the look of the purple shade from this range, but such creamy lipcolours tend to bleed on me horribly :D

  2. I have the purple one and I love it! These last for a long time!

  3. Did you find it drying at all? Or does it moisturize too? I find a lot of lip products drying.

    1. It's not moisturising at all. Sorry I probably should have mentioned that. Think you'll find this one drying too if you generally have problems with lip products. I found it a little drying but only after a couple of hours wear.

  4. These do look gorgeous and I have thought about picking one up... But must stop spending! xD

  5. 'Boring' shade :p LOl I'm surprised you're not reviewing the purple one :p :p love this! I want to get this nude one next~

    Kay ♡ imladiiekay