May 24, 2014

LUSH Catastrophe Cosmetic Face Mask

After receiving a sample of Lush's Catastrophe Cosmetics Face Mask at a recent blog meet and finishing 5 pots of Lush goodies, I thought I'd pick up a full sized pack of the face mask. I had really liked the smell and feel of it but was still unsure of the face mask itself as I only managed to get 3/4 applications from the sample tub. Side note: the sample of this was very blue compared to the actual product, which is rather strange in my opinion.

Catastrophe Cosmetic is essentially meant to calm, cleanse and moisturise the skin. The ingredients include blueberries, which is rich in antioxidants that helps protect the skin from damage, calamine and chamomile, which calms and soothes the skin and lastly, rose and almond oils to balance the skin. 

So is it effective? Definitely. I was experiencing random redness as an allergic reaction to something the other day and after applying my skin it felt less itchy and the redness definitely went down. I also found that the mask dries up quicker than their other face masks so I actually do only wear it for 10/15 minutes only.

I don't plan on repurchasing as although it did calm my skin and it smelled wonderful, it didn't really do much for me acne wise which is my main skin problem. However, if you do have redness problems, I would definitely suggest you try this out.

Each tub of Lush's face mask sells for £6.25 each and are available at your local Lush store.


  1. I've never tried a Lush face mask before - this is one I better check out! Shame that it didn't work for your acne though x
    Sweet Dreams

  2. I love Lush face masks x