May 18, 2014

Illamasqua Matte Lip Liquid in Surrender

When Illamasqua announced that they were launching their own matte lip liquid, akin to Lime Crime's VelvetinesSleek's Matte Me and Pretty Zombie Cosmetic's Liquid Lipsticks, I was so eager to try them out I broke my spending ban. Do I regret it now that I've tried it? Kind of. 

The formula itself is excellent for those that suffer from dry lips with matte liquid lipsticks. It has a somewhat tacky feel and isn't at all drying. However, I found Surrender wasn't particularly opaque and required a lip brush to fill gaps.

It's not especially durable either. Whilst most matte liquid lipsticks fade in the center of the lips, this faded everywhere but the center of the lips the first few times I wore it. However on my 3rd time wearing it, it began to fade in the center (go figure). During some hot noodles it almost completely disappears leaving random tiny patches. Otherwise, I'd say it lasts around 5 hours or more as long as you don't have any hot drinks/oily food.

Unlike many other liquid lipsticks, instead of a doe foot applicator, Illamasqua's lip liquids have a brush that I was disappointed to find was frayed despite being new. After using it thrice, the brush now has 3 frayed hairs which is ridiculous but fixable.

The lip liquids are advertised as being longlasting, highly pigmented and have a comfortable matte finish. Whilst it definitely has a comfortable matte finish that I'd be surprised would dry any lips up the other two are debatable. It's longlasting if you avoid eating completely and although pigmented, it has a habit of deciding it doesn't want to stick on your lips.

Illamasqua is one of my favorite brands so I do have high expectations for their products, so I was kind of disappointed with this. It wouldn't be so bad if I hadn't paid £18.50 for it. Especially with so many brands selling similar products for a cheaper price. Ultimately, I'm hoping it was just the shade I chose that was a dud and would be open to trying out a different shade in the future.

You can purchase a matte lip liquid at Illamasqua's website or your local counter for £18.50.

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  1. Aww what a shame this wasn't as good as you expected and to be fair I thought it would have been a lot better for the price it was, as well as it being Illamasqua!

    I have a feeling it MIGHT have been the shade, but you never know eh?