May 27, 2014

Dose Of Colors Purple Fusion & Toxic

Some of you may have noticed the two purple Dose of Colors glosses I posted in my recent sales purchases post. I actually ended up picking these up during the Black Friday sales and I took my sweet time to use them, it's definitely the consequence of owning too many purple lipsticks

Dose of colors is an American indie brand and as far as I know they don't retail in any stores. As far as I can tell, they're also a rather young company as they don't really have many products. When I made my order last year, they were only selling false lashes and 7 lipglosses. They now offer 9 shades and have added a lipstick range too (I may have to pick up Dark Secrets).

Purple Fusion is a vivid blue violet gloss, I've worn this with my monarch nail art post.

Toxic is a gorgeous plum color that fades into a berry, definitely has a Lorde feel to it.

I've never been a big fan of lip glosses but as you can tell from the swatches above, these are incredibly pigmented. The applicator made it easy to apply and are super opaque without the need of a lip primer or balm. I'm not usually bothered by sticky or non sticky glosses but these are definitely non sticky. How long these last depend on how much you eat or drink but Toxic is the more durable shade of the two. I find using a lip liner or lipstick helps improve longevity.

Each gloss sells for $15 (approx £9) each. Alternatively, you can purchase all nine of their glosses for $115 which is just under £70. I got mine for around £6.5 each during the Black Friday sales.

I genuinely have nothing negative to say about these glosses. The packaging is gorgeous, the texture light and non sticky, it applies so well, there's no scent to put you off and it's so opaque. The price may be steep for some but considering how well these work, they're definitely worth it, even then, you can always wait until sale time. I prefer these to my intense Illamasqua glosses.

Overall, these glosses have turned myself, a notorious lipgloss hater, into a fan. I'd definitely recommend you try these, they're a solid 10/10 gloss.


  1. I really want to try the lipsticks from this brand!

  2. Such pretty shades! xx
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  3. Gosh I really need these! My purple lip product obsession is getting slightly crazy, but whenever I see new ones I feel like I need them! I keep telling myself. "oh that ones more blue toned than the others so I need it!" or, "this one has shimmer in it so it's different and I need it!"

  4. I've been buying loads and loads of purple lips products since I stumble on your blog! Lol what are you doing to me Mish? :p Love the packagings of Dose of Colors, they're next on my list ;) I wanna try Purple Fusion ^-^ the color looks so pretty on you!

    Kay ♡ imladiiekay

  5. Purple Fusion is so cool, I love the blue shine to it!