April 30, 2014

Shiro Cosmetics Seven Kingdoms Collection

If you've not heard of Shiro Cosmetics', their slogan says it all, 'hand-crafted makeup and geekery' which is right up my alley. They're a rather popular brand on r/indiemakeupandmore and although I had known about them for a long while, lurking that subreddit convinced me to finally try out the brand. The Seven Kingdoms collection is a Game of Thrones inspired set and actually contains 15 shades but I only picked up 3 along with a limited edition color of the month shade. 

L-R: Little Bird, Maiden Queen, You Snow Nothing, Valar Morghulis

Little Bird is inspired by Sansa Stark and described as a matte mauve/beige pink.

Maiden Queen is inspired by Margaery Tyrell and described as emerald of Highgarden, with bright aqua shimmer and golden-rose sparks. Easily my favorite shade of the lot.

You Snow Nothing I'm sure I don't need to point out who this is inspired by. This is actually a limited edition shade and was color of the month back in December I think and is still available online here. It is described as iridescent crow's wing blue-black, kissed by fire.

Valar Morghulis is inspired by Arya Stark and is described as pure black with metallic white overlay. This was the only shade that needed extra attention and required layering.

The eyeshadows come in 3 different sizes with the smallest coming in a sample bag with 1/8 teaspoon of product at $1. The medium option is a mini jar without the design sticker which contains 1 gram of product and sells for $3.50 (a little over £2). The largest size is the full size jar with the artwork and 2 grams of product. The full size sells for $6 each (a little over £3.5).

I found that Valar Morghulis and You Snow Nothing were extremely hard to remove. As you can tell they are super pigmented. I'm gutted that the mini jars didn't have the artwork on them but that's what I get for picking the cheaper option. 

But all in all, I have no real complaints! I adore the collection and I'm impressed by the quality of the shadows. I will definitely in the future be picking up some more shades.

Have you tried anything by Shiro before? What would you recommend?


  1. I love the idea behind this collection! All of the shades you got are lovely. I really need to get caught up with the new series :) xxx

    1. Yes you do (especially if you haven't already) shit goes down!