April 06, 2014

MAC Heroine | My First MAC Lipstick

I can't help but feel like a bit of a sellout but I've been rather curious about MAC lipsticks, with limited edition lipsticks that sell out quite quickly, it's hard not to be sucked into the hype that is MAC. After all, I can't think of a single other brand that experiences this same phenomenon. So after many failed attempts to purchase my first one, I've finally settled on a non limited edition lipstick, the recently relaunched Heroine.

I was worried this was going to be one of those rubbish 'purple' lipsicks you see on the high street that are so pink they don't look remotely purple. Thankfully, it didn't disappoint and although it has a pink undertone, it's definitely purple, one that I've been reaching for a fair bit too. I'm still undecided as to how I feel about my first MAC lipstick, I'm unsure if I just love the color so much that I'm failing to see it's flaws.

For one, I felt like whilst applying this matte lipstick it wasn't giving me full coverage on my lips. I definitely had to put some effort into applying this despite using a lip primer which usually makes it effortless. On initial application, the lipstick felt creamy and almost like satin but over time I found it dried my lips out a bit but that's probably my own fault for not moisturising beforehand as it is a matte finish.

The wear time was excellent though, it doesn't really fade after a meal or even two, it just reduces vibrancy a little whilst retaining it's coverage. I'd say Heroine on average had between 4-5 hours of full coverage. When it does eventually fade, it's completely gone and looks like there never was any lipstick on you at all which is kinda strange as I'm used to there being some product left in the cracks of my lips.

I will at some point get back to you with a more in depth review, as this a more first impressions type post. Expect another does it live up to the hype post sometime in the future.

Heroine is currently out of stock on the online MAC UK store. I'd say you could try your luck at your nearest store but let's be honest, it's probably out of stock. 


  1. Replies
    1. Since it's part of the main line now, it'll be easy to get now

  2. I actually think MAC lipsticks are very well formulated, they are some of my favourites!

    1. They're slowly growing on me, either way, this is currently the lip color I wear loads

  3. It looks stunning!!