April 25, 2014

Bath Sabbath | Heavy Metal Themed Soap

You know what's silly? The beauty world's habit of constantly associating 'heavy metal' with glitter or metallics. I've never ever seen a metalhead at a concert or festival wearing either of these things! So it's definitely refreshing to have come across Bath Sabbath (love the pun). It's not a makeup focused brand but I'm not surprised as metal gigs tend to be sausage fests.

The first soap I chose was their 'Sabbath Studdy Sabbath' soap in the Holy Diver scent in the white goats milk option. The alternative color choice was black from charcoal (not the one pictured above). The Holy Diver scent smells of midnight sea and brimstone. It's a smokey salty ozone scent with hints of wood. It may sound manly but I love the scent.

The second soap, Love Stinks, is part of their Valentines collection and is a chocolate scented soap, essentially making it an impulse buy at the time but the set is still being sold. The chocolate scent is strong and fills the entire room with the smell. The soap does contain charcoal which definitely strikes me as a strange ingredient but it's actually very common. 

I love that with certain soaps you can chose between different scents, all inspired by various metal songs. Without sounding too elitist, the brand has a more authentic metal feel to it compared to say Urban Decay's heavy metal liners. Virginia, the store owner was very kind enough to add a sample of her raspberry lambic love bites soap along with a perfume sample.

The soaps cost £4.28 each which isn't so bad, my main issue is etsy shipping prices! Once I'm done with all my soaps, I definitely plan on picking up their Turisas soap. If you happen to be of the male gender, the owner also sells beard oils and mustache wax.

Overall, if you're into your metal, I highly recommend you check out Bath Sabbath!