March 30, 2014

Urban Decay Electric Pressed Pigment Palette

Urban Decay palettes are one of the most coveted. As someone who's only recently started really getting into the brand, I've been waiting release after release for a palette that really appealed to me. Whilst many people were excited for Naked 3, I was bored waiting for something more exciting and lo and behold, Urban Decay finally delivered! The second I found out these were prematurely available at Debenhams, I made my way to town to grab one.

The electric palette is a fellow color addict's ultimate fix with 10 bright bold shades and insane color payout. I adore the fact that it's not just an eyeshadow palette and is pressed pigment palette as there are certain shades like Slowburn, Jilted and Savage that could easily make for a beautiful blush if applied lightly. After a long winter of generic liner with a bold lip color, I'm feeling very inspired by this palette, so expect a few looks with it soon!

When I saw the packaging online, I honestly didn't care for it but once I had it in person I fell in love for with it. All the bright colors smoked over a black background, it's easily the palette with the brightest exterior I own. It seals shut quite firmly which is great for travel and has a huge mirror that I can actually see myself using and also comes with it's own dual ended brush.

Revolt is a metallic silver with shimmer, you may have seen it in the Anarchy face case palette
Gonzo is a matte turquoise with a pearl finish and reminds me of the muppet character
Slowburn is a matte red-orange with a pearl like finish
Savage is a true bright in your face hot pink matte
Fringe is a bright metallic teal
Chaos is a fan fave bright matte blue and also exists in eyeliner and nail polish form
Jilted is a metallic fuchsia with blue shift and is also available as a lip liner and lipstick
Urban is a bright metallic purple, a suitable shade for the brand shadow
Freak is a bright green with gold shift and also exists in eyeliner form
Thrash is a matte lime green with gold pearl

I don't understand the pricing system, in the states the naked palettes are more expensive than the electric palette yet over here they've priced the electric palette at £38 whilst the naked palettes are £37. It may only be a £1 difference but it's moronic! Especially as each naked palette has 12 shadows with 1.3g of product whilst the Electric palette has 10 shadows for 1.2g! It really cheeses me off, if I didn't have £5 worth of points on my beauty card I would have waited a while longer before making my purchase.

Swatched with no primer! Colors from L-R: Revolt, Gonzo, Slowburn, Savage, Fringe, Chaos, Jilted, Urban, Freak and Trash

I can't believe how amazingly well these swatched without a primer! Savage (bright pink) is the only true matte shade in the palette and it's not chalky but will take a little bit of effort to apply but is still incredibly pigmented without the help of any primer. Gonzo, Slowburn, Chaos and Trash are four shades that seem matte but when you look closer actually have a subtle sparkle in them. Fringe, Jilted, Urban and Freak all have a pearl finish. Revolt is a shimmery silver packed full of glitter and sparkle giving it an almost diamond finish.

 Overall, I have had very high expectations for this palette and I am surprised to say it's actually met them. My only beef with the palette would be the price tag here in the UK.

The Urban Decay palette is available for purchase now on Debenhams and will be available in House of Fraser on Tuesday April 1st. If you're outside the UK the electric palette is already available for purchase in Sephora.


  1. It's so pretty! The pricing doesn't make sense to me either. I'm not feeling overly tempted by this palette as it is a little too bright for me!

    1. Yeah, I can imagnine you being more into smokey palettes, something I should totally invest in myself xD

  2. I'm swooning. Also love how many UD liners I spotted in the background!

    1. Yeah, I might have a bit of a collection, I love them so much!

  3. If they sold Slowburn on its own ever, I would buy it.

    1. My must buy shades would be Urban and Chaos

  4. It looks amazing!! Wow!!

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