March 23, 2014

Top 5 Nail Polish Shades this Spring

I'm not one for 'trends' and most colors in this color palette aren't even in pantone's 2014 spring list. This easily could have ended up just being all pastel shades but it's been done. This is all just personal colors I'm feeling for now and aren't at all related to runway trends. I tried to mix up the nail polish brands as much as possible but owning mostly Illamasqua polishes didn't help.

Illamasqua Nail Polish in Purity is a peach nail polish from their Spring '11 Toxic Nature collection. Peach is pretty much my go to safe for work shade.

Lime Crime Nail Polish in Parfait Day isn't your typical pastel pink nail polish, is has a sort of neon undertone to it. I think the most accurate description of it would be a bright pastel pink.

Picture pOlish Imperial is a beautiful purple polish with scattered holographic, blue glass flecks and a scattering of small gold hex glitters. It dries somewhere between glossy and matte, so for a full gloss finish you need to apply a top coat.

Barry M Hi-Shine Nail Paint in Guava is a gorgeous turquoise and all time favorite shade of mine. I find that it's the color that flatters my skin the most for whatever reason.

Illamasqua nail varnish in Nomad is described as a bright jade but for whatever reason it's not as neon as a lot of their promo images from the Human Fundamentalism collection but it definitely has a spring time feel to it and is an awesome alternative to a pastel green polish.

So those were my personal top 5 Spring nail polish shades for this year, what are yours?


  1. Great choices! I need to pick up Barry M's Guava, it's one of the Gelly Hi Shines that I dont have and looks amazing! x

  2. Glad you like 'em, I'm really not feeling the 'nude/white' spring trend at all, so i thought i'd share my own. I don't have many of Barry M's Hi-shine range but their entire summer range last year was wonderful