March 19, 2014

Sugarpill | Cold Chemistry | Elemental Chaos

When Sugarpill's Cold Chemistry collection released, I wasn't enticed by it as I already owned several dark shades and Sugarpill's main appeal to me was their colorful makeup selection. One color did stick out to me though, and of course, it had to be the purple shade, Elemental Chaos.

All Sugarpill shadows L-R: 2AM, Poison Plum, Cold Chemistry, Hysteric, Paperdoll

This set of four nocturnal shades was effectively designed by Amelia Arsenic who was approached for the collaboration a few years ago. It took a while, but after she had personally tried and tested the colors, designed the packaging and styles the promotional shoots herself before the product finally released. The collection combines Amelia's dark aesthetic with Sugarpill's trademark velvety smooth eyeshadow formula.

Elemental chaos is described as mysterious grape with cosmic blue sparks. Similar to @#$%!, it has a shimmer finish unlike most of their previous shadows which were matte and I love the formula. I've swatched it next to all of the other purple Sugarpill shadows. The finish is comparable to their loose shadows and the color is definitely unique to the brand. It's a wonderful shade to use for an alternative to black for a smokey eye look.

A single Sugarpill shadow sells for $12 (£7.20) on the Sugarpill site or go for the full palette for $34 (£20.5). If you're in the UK though you can order from local supplier Love Makeup with the single shadow priced at £8.5 and the quad palette for £24.95. I admit for an indie company, they're rather pricey but you get a 3.5g of product (a typical MAC eyeshadow has 1.5g).

Have you tried any of Sugarpill's Cold Chemistry eyeshadows? What do you think of them?

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