March 27, 2014

Birmingham Comic Con Favorite Cosplays

I guess this is the 'street style' post of a con. Although, I'll be honest a lot of street style posts don't interest me unless they're ludicrously flambouyant. Each con I attend, there's always a few costumes that manage to blow my mind, especially with the amount of thought and effort that goes into a cosplay and other cosplays for their simple ingenious.

I love when people take a character and add their own twist to it just like in this Steampunk Poison Ivy cosplay. There were quite a few Danaerys Targaeryn's about that day but this one was my favorite. This girl wore her my neighbour totoro dress perfectly, and it's the perfect example of a simple cosplay done well. It was definitely my favorite female cosplay of them all. 

I wasn't going to include any Batman cosplays because they're so overdone and so many of them always but the joker version is so unique, I've never seen it done before and I had to include it. Also, this literal bat-family cosplay is so adorable, how could I not include it?

Two different types of Ice Queens, I don't know which I prefer.

How badass is this cardboard Star Wars Walker? I don't even consider myself a Star Wars fan but I was so impressed by this! There were two guys (or girls, I couldn't tell) in there walking around at the con. It even had a flap that revealed a bunch of stormtroopers in it!

As I mentioned in my previous post, attending this year was a rather last minute decision so I didn't actually end up cosplaying but I did start putting a few things together for a future cosplay. I plan on doing the odd progress post or two for some cosplays so look out for them.

Been to comic con before? Which costumes are your favorite?


  1. That Steampunk Poison Ivy is a gorgeous cosplay! And there was an AT-AT! I'm so jealous.

    1. I'm always amazed by the creative cosplays and how well they're executed. You should def catch the next con :)