March 25, 2014

Birmingham Comic Con 2014 Highlights

Last Saturday, I attended Birmingham Comic Con for what I think is the 5th time. It was somewhat spontaneous as I hadn't originally planned on going but a few friends were already going and usually I need to drag someone along. Anyway, this was originally meant to be one huge post but it was too picture heavy so I've split it into two. With this post highlighting some of my favorite stalls at the event and the next focusing on my favorite cosplays.

1. Plushies - I failed with this one, I have no idea who ran this stall but it was the first one we upon entering. Admittedly it's the least 'unique' highlight on here as there are several plushie stockists but I loved seeing all those cute pokemon displayed so perfectly together.

2. Amazing Cake Company - I came across these nerd themed cupcakes that are too cute to eat last year at comic con, and was glad to see them around again this year. I'm rather gutted that their website is still not officially open, it's been a year already, come on!

3. Romantically Apocalyptic - Aside from all the merch stalls, there's a whole art area that showcases mostly indie comic book artists and illustrators works. I had a bit of a nerdgasm when I saw the Romantically Apocalyptic stall. I'm a huge fan, saying the artwork is stunning does not give it justice and of course the content itself is entertaining.

4. Stagman Creations - How beautiful are these handcrafted gauntlets? I've wanted a pair for ages but have no idea where, when or how I'd actually wear them. I've also been looking for some Steampunk pouches and the owner behind it even had a few with various hand carved designs on them which I think would be great for a future steampunk cosplay. As all their items are handcrafted, you have to contact them directly to purchase items on their site.

5. Soapasaurus - As this was my 5th trip to comic con, I expected the same old same old merch at every con. Usually you can find items in one stall at another. So when I came across the Soapasaurus stall, it was definitely a breath of wonderfully scented fresh air. Expect a full post on their items as I did grab a few things, but tl;dr they sell nerd themed soaps!

I enjoyed this con a lot more than previous ones, it helps that I went with people who wanted to be there, it definitely enhanced the experience. Look out for some pretty cosplay photos soon!


  1. I really wanted to go this year and my boyfriend and I were meant to go on Sunday but due to lack of funds and the knowledge that if we'd have gone we would have spent money we didn't have, we left it.

    We're saving up to go to another Comic Con though this year instead!

    It sounds like such fun and I can't wait to see your second post! :D

    1. Sunday's are good for bargains but usually there are a lot more cosplayers about on Saturdays :) I have attended a con without spending any money at all before though, it is possible xD I'll make sure to message you about the con if I'm going too though!

  2. ooh jealous! I missed out on the Manchester comic con last year and I've been itching to get out to one.

    1. You should definitely go for the experience! It makes for a crazy day, admittedly, I have felt a bit too old for it XD