March 30, 2014

Urban Decay Electric Pressed Pigment Palette

Urban Decay palettes are one of the most coveted. As someone who's only recently started really getting into the brand, I've been waiting release after release for a palette that really appealed to me. Whilst many people were excited for Naked 3, I was bored waiting for something more exciting and lo and behold, Urban Decay finally delivered! The second I found out these were prematurely available at Debenhams, I made my way to town to grab one.

The electric palette is a fellow color addict's ultimate fix with 10 bright bold shades and insane color payout. I adore the fact that it's not just an eyeshadow palette and is pressed pigment palette as there are certain shades like Slowburn, Jilted and Savage that could easily make for a beautiful blush if applied lightly. After a long winter of generic liner with a bold lip color, I'm feeling very inspired by this palette, so expect a few looks with it soon!

When I saw the packaging online, I honestly didn't care for it but once I had it in person I fell in love for with it. All the bright colors smoked over a black background, it's easily the palette with the brightest exterior I own. It seals shut quite firmly which is great for travel and has a huge mirror that I can actually see myself using and also comes with it's own dual ended brush.

Revolt is a metallic silver with shimmer, you may have seen it in the Anarchy face case palette
Gonzo is a matte turquoise with a pearl finish and reminds me of the muppet character
Slowburn is a matte red-orange with a pearl like finish
Savage is a true bright in your face hot pink matte
Fringe is a bright metallic teal
Chaos is a fan fave bright matte blue and also exists in eyeliner and nail polish form
Jilted is a metallic fuchsia with blue shift and is also available as a lip liner and lipstick
Urban is a bright metallic purple, a suitable shade for the brand shadow
Freak is a bright green with gold shift and also exists in eyeliner form
Thrash is a matte lime green with gold pearl

I don't understand the pricing system, in the states the naked palettes are more expensive than the electric palette yet over here they've priced the electric palette at £38 whilst the naked palettes are £37. It may only be a £1 difference but it's moronic! Especially as each naked palette has 12 shadows with 1.3g of product whilst the Electric palette has 10 shadows for 1.2g! It really cheeses me off, if I didn't have £5 worth of points on my beauty card I would have waited a while longer before making my purchase.

Swatched with no primer! Colors from L-R: Revolt, Gonzo, Slowburn, Savage, Fringe, Chaos, Jilted, Urban, Freak and Trash

I can't believe how amazingly well these swatched without a primer! Savage (bright pink) is the only true matte shade in the palette and it's not chalky but will take a little bit of effort to apply but is still incredibly pigmented without the help of any primer. Gonzo, Slowburn, Chaos and Trash are four shades that seem matte but when you look closer actually have a subtle sparkle in them. Fringe, Jilted, Urban and Freak all have a pearl finish. Revolt is a shimmery silver packed full of glitter and sparkle giving it an almost diamond finish.

 Overall, I have had very high expectations for this palette and I am surprised to say it's actually met them. My only beef with the palette would be the price tag here in the UK.

The Urban Decay palette is available for purchase now on Debenhams and will be available in House of Fraser on Tuesday April 1st. If you're outside the UK the electric palette is already available for purchase in Sephora.

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March 29, 2014

Geek Chic Cosmetics | This Isn't A Democracy | Swatches & LotD

If you've not heard of indie brand Geek Chic Cosmetics, their concept is simple, the make cosmetics based on fun, geeky stuff. I've recently made myself an order of several samples as my wishlist was huge and I can't justify buying all of the shadows. I thought I'd just try out samples of the shadows that interested me and re-order the ones that I loved so much and finished off. These samples are from their Walking Dead inspired collection, This Isn't a Democracy.

Colors from L-R: Stay in the House Carl, Clementine Will Remember, He's Korean & We're All Infected
Stay in the House, Carl is a chocolate brown with copper and golden sparkles. 
Clementine Will Remember is a steel grey full of red, gold and copper sparkles.
He's Korean is described as ruby pearl with soft gold shimmer but I'd say it's dusty rose.
We're All Infected is a bright blue teal with violet interference and sparkle.

Each clam shell sample sells for $1.25 (75p) whilst their full size 1-2g jars with sifters and screw on lid sell for $5.99 (£3.60). A sample typically contains around 1/8th a teaspoon, so it's not a lot but I was surprised to find that there was plenty still left over after swatching and doing a dramatic look.The clam shells are a pain to open up as they're sealed tightly causing a bit of spillage whilst opening. I considered pressing them but eventually, I figured out a way to open it with almost no product flying everywhere.

A quick night time look I did for a house party using We're All Infected on the inner corner of the eye, Clementine Will Remember on the lid and to create the wing. I also used Stay in the House, Carl on my waterline, although it's hard to tell. This was an evening look so when I took photos in the evening the majority of them ended up blurry.

Color I'll Most Likely Be Repurchasing Full Size

Clementine Will Remember is such a gorgeous shade, especially with how the gold reflects depending on how the light hits it. I can't help my magpie ways, but thankfully it's not an outrageous shade that I can easily see myself using quite often.

With an intense new episode of the video game releasing earlier this month, the ending of the 4th season airing soon and with everything that's happening in the last few issues in the comics, it's safe to say I've been on a Walking Dead craze. I love how the collection also includes the video game rather than stick to the television show.

Have you tried anything from Geek Chic Cosmetics?

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March 27, 2014

Birmingham Comic Con Favorite Cosplays

I guess this is the 'street style' post of a con. Although, I'll be honest a lot of street style posts don't interest me unless they're ludicrously flambouyant. Each con I attend, there's always a few costumes that manage to blow my mind, especially with the amount of thought and effort that goes into a cosplay and other cosplays for their simple ingenious.

I love when people take a character and add their own twist to it just like in this Steampunk Poison Ivy cosplay. There were quite a few Danaerys Targaeryn's about that day but this one was my favorite. This girl wore her my neighbour totoro dress perfectly, and it's the perfect example of a simple cosplay done well. It was definitely my favorite female cosplay of them all. 

I wasn't going to include any Batman cosplays because they're so overdone and so many of them always but the joker version is so unique, I've never seen it done before and I had to include it. Also, this literal bat-family cosplay is so adorable, how could I not include it?

Two different types of Ice Queens, I don't know which I prefer.

How badass is this cardboard Star Wars Walker? I don't even consider myself a Star Wars fan but I was so impressed by this! There were two guys (or girls, I couldn't tell) in there walking around at the con. It even had a flap that revealed a bunch of stormtroopers in it!

As I mentioned in my previous post, attending this year was a rather last minute decision so I didn't actually end up cosplaying but I did start putting a few things together for a future cosplay. I plan on doing the odd progress post or two for some cosplays so look out for them.

Been to comic con before? Which costumes are your favorite?

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March 25, 2014

Birmingham Comic Con 2014 Highlights

Last Saturday, I attended Birmingham Comic Con for what I think is the 5th time. It was somewhat spontaneous as I hadn't originally planned on going but a few friends were already going and usually I need to drag someone along. Anyway, this was originally meant to be one huge post but it was too picture heavy so I've split it into two. With this post highlighting some of my favorite stalls at the event and the next focusing on my favorite cosplays.

1. Plushies - I failed with this one, I have no idea who ran this stall but it was the first one we upon entering. Admittedly it's the least 'unique' highlight on here as there are several plushie stockists but I loved seeing all those cute pokemon displayed so perfectly together.

2. Amazing Cake Company - I came across these nerd themed cupcakes that are too cute to eat last year at comic con, and was glad to see them around again this year. I'm rather gutted that their website is still not officially open, it's been a year already, come on!

3. Romantically Apocalyptic - Aside from all the merch stalls, there's a whole art area that showcases mostly indie comic book artists and illustrators works. I had a bit of a nerdgasm when I saw the Romantically Apocalyptic stall. I'm a huge fan, saying the artwork is stunning does not give it justice and of course the content itself is entertaining.

4. Stagman Creations - How beautiful are these handcrafted gauntlets? I've wanted a pair for ages but have no idea where, when or how I'd actually wear them. I've also been looking for some Steampunk pouches and the owner behind it even had a few with various hand carved designs on them which I think would be great for a future steampunk cosplay. As all their items are handcrafted, you have to contact them directly to purchase items on their site.

5. Soapasaurus - As this was my 5th trip to comic con, I expected the same old same old merch at every con. Usually you can find items in one stall at another. So when I came across the Soapasaurus stall, it was definitely a breath of wonderfully scented fresh air. Expect a full post on their items as I did grab a few things, but tl;dr they sell nerd themed soaps!

I enjoyed this con a lot more than previous ones, it helps that I went with people who wanted to be there, it definitely enhanced the experience. Look out for some pretty cosplay photos soon!

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March 23, 2014

Top 5 Nail Polish Shades this Spring

I'm not one for 'trends' and most colors in this color palette aren't even in pantone's 2014 spring list. This easily could have ended up just being all pastel shades but it's been done. This is all just personal colors I'm feeling for now and aren't at all related to runway trends. I tried to mix up the nail polish brands as much as possible but owning mostly Illamasqua polishes didn't help.

Illamasqua Nail Polish in Purity is a peach nail polish from their Spring '11 Toxic Nature collection. Peach is pretty much my go to safe for work shade.

Lime Crime Nail Polish in Parfait Day isn't your typical pastel pink nail polish, is has a sort of neon undertone to it. I think the most accurate description of it would be a bright pastel pink.

Picture pOlish Imperial is a beautiful purple polish with scattered holographic, blue glass flecks and a scattering of small gold hex glitters. It dries somewhere between glossy and matte, so for a full gloss finish you need to apply a top coat.

Barry M Hi-Shine Nail Paint in Guava is a gorgeous turquoise and all time favorite shade of mine. I find that it's the color that flatters my skin the most for whatever reason.

Illamasqua nail varnish in Nomad is described as a bright jade but for whatever reason it's not as neon as a lot of their promo images from the Human Fundamentalism collection but it definitely has a spring time feel to it and is an awesome alternative to a pastel green polish.

So those were my personal top 5 Spring nail polish shades for this year, what are yours?

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March 21, 2014

Neve Cosmetics Desert A Levres Lipsticks

If you've not heard of Neve Cosmetics, they're a cruelty-free brand from Italy. When I first saw these lipsticks on CutECOsmetics website last year, I knew I just had to have them. I'm a sucker for pretty packaging and these are adorable. I've only recently got my hands on them as the website is having a clearance sale so instead of spending £10 per lipstick, I spent £5.25 on each.

As you can see the packaging on these are simply adorable, I don't think I've ever found it so hard to bin the outer packaging of a lipstick before! I've stored it away in my drawers and it will probably stay there for a while. The purple plastic packaging on the lipstick itself is cutesy yet sleek and definitely not too flamboyant that I'd feel silly applying this in public.

Panna Cotta, Framboise Mousse, Cherry Pie

The collection contains 8 wearable lipstick shades that are inspired by international confectionery and have a strong sweet scent to match the theme. Panna Cotta is a nude cold pink, Framboise Mousse is a raspberry pink although the red undertones didn't photo very well above and Cherry Pie is your standard cherry red.

The formula for these lipsticks remind me of a balm, they contain vegetable oils and shea butter, to keep your lips nourished and soft. They are sheer on first swipe, so you'll have to layer for extra coverage. Even when layered, I feel like it has a semi-sheer finish. Once applied the lipstick tends to last around 4 hours with some fading during a meal but it will make your lips nice and soft. Of course to make it last longer you could always try using a lip liner or lip primer. I've not tried a formula quite like this before but I really love the lipstick for what it is despite normally being a matte lipstick girl.

Overall, despite these not being particularly long-wearing, I love these for being so moisturising. You can grab one on the cutECOsmetics clearance sale for £5.25.

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March 19, 2014

Sugarpill | Cold Chemistry | Elemental Chaos

When Sugarpill's Cold Chemistry collection released, I wasn't enticed by it as I already owned several dark shades and Sugarpill's main appeal to me was their colorful makeup selection. One color did stick out to me though, and of course, it had to be the purple shade, Elemental Chaos.

All Sugarpill shadows L-R: 2AM, Poison Plum, Cold Chemistry, Hysteric, Paperdoll

This set of four nocturnal shades was effectively designed by Amelia Arsenic who was approached for the collaboration a few years ago. It took a while, but after she had personally tried and tested the colors, designed the packaging and styles the promotional shoots herself before the product finally released. The collection combines Amelia's dark aesthetic with Sugarpill's trademark velvety smooth eyeshadow formula.

Elemental chaos is described as mysterious grape with cosmic blue sparks. Similar to @#$%!, it has a shimmer finish unlike most of their previous shadows which were matte and I love the formula. I've swatched it next to all of the other purple Sugarpill shadows. The finish is comparable to their loose shadows and the color is definitely unique to the brand. It's a wonderful shade to use for an alternative to black for a smokey eye look.

A single Sugarpill shadow sells for $12 (£7.20) on the Sugarpill site or go for the full palette for $34 (£20.5). If you're in the UK though you can order from local supplier Love Makeup with the single shadow priced at £8.5 and the quad palette for £24.95. I admit for an indie company, they're rather pricey but you get a 3.5g of product (a typical MAC eyeshadow has 1.5g).

Have you tried any of Sugarpill's Cold Chemistry eyeshadows? What do you think of them?

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