February 07, 2014

Sephora Give Me More Lip Set | Berries

I've finally gotten around to swatching my last color set of the Sephora Give Me More Lip sampler set. I've already reviewed and swatched the reds, the pinks and the nudesAlthough the set is no longer available for purchase, making a review of the whole set useless, you can purchase each item individually so you may get some use out of this review. I'll have one last review on the entire set with all of the swatches in it so it'll be easier to compare shades. Either way today's set are the Berries!

Top: Buxom Menace, Tarte Inspired
Bottom: Stila Sonya, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Strumpet

Buxom Full-Bodied Lip Stick in Menace After trying out one of Buxom's glosses, I had low expectations. This was also the last shade I had tried out of the 4 berries so the vampy color definitely blew me away. I felt like this was definitely one of the more durable lipsticks in the collection, it does end up being a little sheer over time but it leaves a decent stain. This problem could easily be avoided by filling the lips with a matching colored lip liner.

Tarte Glamazon Pure Performance 12-Hour Lipstick in Inspired I adore this color but was disappointed at the same time, as I was expecting a berry shade not dusty rose. Aside from that, I really like the natural packaging and applying this sample on my lips because the bullet is tiny. It's so small that you can (thickly) line your lips and then fill in the gaps. However, I don't think I'd be able to do it with a full sized lipstick. In terms of it lasting 12 hours, I don't think it lasted 4.

Stila Color Balm Lipstick in Sonya This isn't your typical lipstick, it's half balm and half lipstick which is something you'd think was obvious by the name of the product but I got surprised anyway due to my own stupidity. It has a really strong smell that kind of reminds me of Aero chocolates and leaves a slight tingle on your lips but also softens it. As with most creamy lipsticks, this isn't particularly durable but is still lovely to have during winter.

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar in Strumpet I've been meaning to try out OCC lip tars for ages but never got around to it. This is one of the few full sized products in the set, it even came with the brush. I was gutted to find that it looked a lot smaller than I had imagined and mentally made note not to bother buying the singles but when it came to applying I used half of a drop on a lip brush and managed to apply it all over my lips with decent coverage. You need so little product that I'd imagine this would last me over a year if I wore it every day.

From all 4 sets this one has turned out to be my favorite. I adore all of these colors with my favorites being strumpet and inspired, my least favorite in terms of color is Sonya but it's still a high quality item.


  1. The Buxom one is really stunning :D I like the OCC one too - it's a pity they don't sell in CZ/SK (yet! :D) because they have so many awesome shades (like Black Metal Dahlia!!:D)

    1. aww gutted, i've yet to try black dahlia, it's definitely THE shade I've had my eye on

  2. Yep, lip tars will last you a crazy long time. They're definitely worth the price from that alone.