February 21, 2014

Moo Business Cards

In a few weeks time I'll be attending a local blogger meet. The first time I attended one of these, we didn't really end up exchanging blog links and the same thing would happen time and time again at other events. The only time I've ever followed a blog by someone I had just met in passing was when they handed me a business card. Likewise, I thought I'd make some for the upcoming meetup and ordered myself a free sample pack of 10 business cards from moo.

The downside of ordering a sample pack is that they include the moo logo on it which destroys and sense of professionalism it has. I can't help but wonder how many people I hand these to are going to first visit the moo site before my blog. That said, it was free and I wanted to see how vivid the colours would be once printed. I also had trouble aligning my logo right when it came to designing and I also wanted to make sure that the QFR code on the card worked properly.

I adore these cards, even my partner was impressed by them. The print job is fantastic and the colours are as striking as I need them to be. I love that moo embedded the option to add a QFR code into the whole design process as well so you don't need to import it from elsewhere. The whole design process itself was really easy too. My only problem with this card is that the M is a little too close to the edge of the card and I couldn't get it any other way. So when it comes to paying for a full pack of cards I'll probably opt for the minicards option instead as they're longer. And as a bonus you can get 100 minicards for the price of 50 full sized ones.

The only other issue is I'm rubbish with self-promotion. Every time I tweet or whore out my blog, I die a little on the inside. So, I have no idea if I'll actually have the gall to hand out any of these. I think I'll just have to see if I can hand all 10 of these out on the night then re-order if I'm successful. Aside from that, the only important thing is that it takes a few days before these are dispatched as they obviously have a queue of items to print. With me it only took 3 business days before they sent mine.


  1. They look really really good!
    That is such a good idea to do though :)

    1. Yeah, they're surprisingly handy. I carry them on my quite often.

  2. I really do like the look of these! I'm going to order myself some soon I think, seeing as they're free. :)


    1. They're definitely quite handy, I ended up ordering 100 of the mini ones :)

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