February 01, 2014

Claire's 10 Piece Neutral Eyeshadow Set*

This is my second officially marked PR review, this time on a neutral Claire's palette that I was given at a Claire's event months ago. With the Naked 3 reviews and giveaways still going on everywhere, I have been tempted to get an inexpensive neutral colored palette and I realised hey, I was given a neutral palette a while ago, what's less inexpensive than free? So after weeks, maybe even months of leaving this palette to rot away in my drawers I've finally used this several times practicing a few nude-ish looks but not taken any photos because the lighting has been poor.

When I first looked directly at the palette there were a few shades that I couldn't tell apart and I was worried that all these colors would be too similar. Once I got to swatching (with a primer), I was glad to see that they aren't all the same shades, although there are 1 too many that are a little too similar for my liking. That said for a neutral palette it probably would have been nicer if there was a better range of neutral shades but I suppose with this being Claire's there's usually a lot of younger girls shopping there so it would probably provide a nice natural finish, which isn't something I'm personally into.

 I was pleasantly surprised by how pigmented these turned out to be, making all 10 shades have a shimmer finish obviously helps. I think this is the first palette that I've ever owned that doesn't have a single matte shade. If you get this palette, I would definitely recommend using a primer as it's nowhere near as pigmented without it but I it's not unusable without the primer either. I have used it without primer a few times but find that it lasts hours longer with primer.

The texture on each of these are really soft and almost buttery. It was a little too buttery as it ended up cracking after a couple of uses. I'm unsure if it was me or the product that caused it to break but none of the colors have completely fallen into pieces. You also don't need to dig into the product to get full opacity. Either way, I would definitely say these palettes are comparable to a lot of drugstore ones.

The Claire's Neutral palette is available for £8 on the Claire's website and overall I would say it's a great inexpensive palette for makeup newbies to start experimenting with makeup but I can't say I'll ever love this palette as I'm just not a neutral girl at heart. If you also suffer from the same problem, Claires also do a rainbow palette and a dark palette. Personally, I'm tempted to try out one of the others as I know I'd appreciate those much more than this.

Have you tried anything from the Claire's new makeup liner? What did you think?


  1. Looks pretty good for the price :)

    1. Yeah, I was definitely impressed by it!

  2. Wow i didnt even know claire's did make up!

    You can never have enough natural palettes :)


  3. Replies
    1. Yeah I was really impressed by them ^^