January 07, 2014

Sephora Give Me More Lip Set | Reds

A few months ago, I treated myself to the Sephora Give Me More Lip Set Sampler, sadly it was a limited edition item only around for Christmas time and even then it sold out long before Christmas time itself. Instead of just rushing in to swatch and take photos of all the products with a half arsed review I thought I'd take the time to go through each item and review them by color set then finish off with a final overall review of the set. I figure sure the set may be useless but some people may still be interested in the individual products. As long as one person out there on the internet finds one of these reviews useful, I'm happy. Today's color set is, obviously, the reds.

Kat Von D Foiled Lipstick in Adora I was incredibly disappointed with this lipstick, the promo images for the Foiled lipsticks are beautiful and although the shimmer finish is okay my issue is with the color itself, it's too light of a red for me, I prefer my deep ones. Although most people may like the subtle foil finish I personally wish it was more in your face and ultra glitzy with loads of sparkle. My lips have recently been in good condition but I'd imagine this would be really difficult to apply if your suffer from dry lips.

Hourglass Cosmetics Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick in Icon I've tried quite a few liquid lipsticks (they will be reviewed in time) and love how so many brands are embracing them. The Hourglass one's have been hyped up a fair amount especially for the blogger price but for the price tag, they're rubbish in my opinion. The reason I love liquid lipsticks is for their longevity and this isn't particularly durable so I won't be buying a full one unless it was discounted. That said I do like this shade the most out of all 4 of these and if you find liquid lipsticks dry out your lips more than you'd like then you may want to consider this as the formula I felt almost silky and didn't 'dry up' my lips.

Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Natural N45 I've tried a few of these lipsticks in a sample pack quite a while ago and the experience is different using the actual lipstick. It's sheer, moisturising and has a rather glossy finish. Because of it's gloss finish, it doesn't last particularly long. Plus, it's without a doubt the most sheerest red I own. It seems like a decent red for those who haven't worn red before, a 'gateway' red even but I like to go bold or not bother at all and go for a subtle nude shade all together.

Bite Beauty High Pigment Pencil in Pomegranate This was surprisingly the first item in the entire 16 piece set I used and was featured in the first Halloween makeup look I did last year. In terms of red shades, it's not my favorite, I prefer much deeper ones but the item itself was quite handy and easy to use. Since it is a pencil, it feels like a 2 in 1 lip pencil and lipstick. It was super pigmented and rather durable. Before this set, I'd never even heard of the brand, it's a shame it's not in the UK as I would definitely consider trying this out in other shades, I would buy other shades if it weren't for the high price tag though.

Overall, all 3 red products I was looking forward to try out didn't meet my expectations and Bite Beauty was the standout product for quickest and neatest red lip product.


  1. I really want to try the Hourglass, it looks lovely on you :)

  2. I almost got that Hourglass thing, the $10, but decided against it. It looks nice though.

    RIKKI //

  3. I do love a red lip, looks amazing on you too x

  4. I have Adora as well, and it's too bad that it is so orange-ish. It would be a lot nicer if it was darker.