January 29, 2014

Recent Sale Purchases

As we're approaching what I think is the end of sale season, I thought I'd share some recent bargains (ie any item on discount) that I've grabbed my hands on during the Black Friday, boxing day and recent January sales. I admit I'm kind of overwhelmed with some of the things as I have a lot of makeup inspiration but struggle to find the time to put makeup on and take photos especially as the sun's not out as much and I don't own any professional lighting as some other bloggers tend to apparently. So here's a peak at some of the things I've picked up, DO let me know what you would like to see in a review or incorporated in to a makeup look.

Black Friday Sales
Whilst a lot of people in the states may dislike Black Friday for ruining the spirit of Thanksgiving, I personally love it as a load of indie companies tend to offer discounts, providing the perfect opportunity to finally try out some wonderful indie makeup items from all the way in the states. I ended up going a little purple lipstick crazy and ordered these two purple lip glosses by Dose of Colors in Purple Fusion and Toxic. Since my order, they've added two more gloss shades to their range along with a lipstick range. The other purple lipstick was from Coloured Raine and is called Arabian Nights, they're one of the more affordable indie companies that specialise in crazy coloured lipsticks. The last thing I picked up was a crazy bright royal blue shadow from Concrete Minerals' pro matte shadow collection.

Boxing Day & Christmas
If you read my Christmas post, you'd know I picked up Illamasqua's Bat Lash duo that was released for Halloween originally at a bargain price, I'm really thrilled I stopped myself from impulse buying this when it first released since it was over 50% off. I also never revealed the little presents I received over Christmas, it turned out they were some pretty paperself lashes to encourage some more creative makeup looks from my partner, which I totally didn't expect.

Clothes wise I got myself this awesome devil tarot tunic by Killstar Clothing during their sale. They have a lot of flamboyant pieces which isn't really my kind of thing but I tend to play it somewhat safe and simple when it comes to clothes. I laughed when I received this, the gimmicky upside down cross and all of the random swearing on the labels made me laugh. Even the back of the label said 'satan is super kawaii', it all definitely added a lot of personality to the piece.

January Sales
This month I went a wee bit crazy with beauty products but there were so many discounts I couldn't help myself. Love-makeup had a few Sugarpill items on discount so I picked up a few loose pigment shadows along with Elemental Chaos which is the purple shade from their new cold chemistry collection. I also finally grabbed my hands on these Stila Countless Color Pigments that I've had my eyes on these since they were announced last summer but I didn't agree with the price. Illamasqua also had a few items on sale and I couldn't resist getting a few blushers. As a bonus, it was my birthday this month so I received a discount code so I grabbed myself one of their rich liquid foundations. The last item I got was Revlon's matte balm pencil in Shameless which wasn't part of the Boots sale but for some reason Boots sent me a discount code (not a blogger exclusive one mind you) and I was like hell yeah I'm totally gonna use this.

I loathe flat ballet shoes in general but when I came across the range that TUK had, I was instantly reeled in by the wonderful detailing on the shoes. The metal broken heart with black stitches combined with the green lace corset detailing is what instantly attracted me to thes. When these arrived, I was surprised by the heart patterned soles. I didn't instantly purchase these because at £40 these are rather expensive for flats, so the second I saw these on discount I purchased it instantly.

Is there anything you would like me to review first? Have you picked up anything good recently?


  1. The shoes are gorgeous! I've owned a few pairs of TUK boots in the past and they've always been really comfortable.

    I keep meaning to buy some of Sugarpill loose shadows as I have their Cold Chemistry palette and I really like what I've used so far.

  2. The sales seem to have passed me by this year! I love the shoes you picked up :) xxx

  3. Those shoes are gorgeous! I have a pair of the kitty mary janes in leopard print, love em! I'd love to see swatches of the 2 Dose Of Colours lipglosses and the Revlon matte balm - really wanna try those. I'm also a sucker for purple lip products :) xx

  4. I love those little Stila eyeshadows, they are so cute! I'm not one to like flats either, but those are really neat!

  5. Omg so many awesome thiiings!! The tunic especially is very beautiful!
    And that blue lipstick is also very cute :D