January 12, 2014

Melt Cosmetics Lipstick in DGAF

I love discovering new independent and cruelty free makeup brands. Melt cosmetics is a very new brand that officially began selling it's wonderful range of lipsticks back in May 2013. It's not even a year old yet! Out of the original 10 shades in the collection, I made an impulse buy and went for their blue lipstick called DGAF. At first I didn't realise it was an acronym and thought it was phonetic. Obviously I'm no longer down with the times. I know the concept of blue lipstick would weird many people out but a couple of days ago, I shared a sneaky preview on instagram wearing it and was surprised by the positive response it got.

One thing I definitely need to mention with this brand is their product descriptions and beautiful promo shots per lipstick. Melt doesn't define the color of each lipstick but each one has their own unique product description that gives each of them their own identity. DGAF's is relatively short: "Self Explanatory. This is how you feel when you wear her." The individual promo shots per lipstick are stunning as well, my only complaint is that they're so obviously photoshopped that you're unsure how true to color the pictures are. It seems to be a common feature for a lot of indie companies that specialise in unusual lipstick colors. The site kind of solves this problem by having a bunch of tagged instagram photos on each page but filters make it a bit difficult to tell what the actual color payoff it but overall, you can definitely make a guesstimate as to what the color ends up looking like.
Another thing that is especially common with indie makeup brands are the mini goodies they tend to give with your package. It's a lovely and thoughtful little extra to receive. Aside from the stickers pictured above, I also received a little mirror that I had originally mistook for a badge or pin. I just completely forgot to take a picture of it as I've kept in my coat. It's not anything extravagant but it's definitely handy as it really doesn't take up space and it's small enough to throw in to a purse or wallet without getting in the way. For now, I'm unsure what to do with the stickers, I may use it for a makeup bag? Or maybe on a blogging notebook.

Although the website clearly says 'ultra-matte' in big purple letters at the top of the page, I was still surprised by how matte these were. More so as I've been using a lot of creamier type lipsticks lately, so the texture felt really different. Because this color is a lovely cobalt blue, it did take my time to apply it on to get a decent shape and I did feel like I had to layer it to get full coverage but not much. If you want to wear a color like this you're going to have to put some effort into it, especially if you don't have matching lip liner. This lipstick is somewhat durable, it did not completely disappear after a meal and even after quite a few meals you're still left with a blue lip stain. Due to it's matte texture I felt I wasn't using too much product when I needed reapplying which is great as I feel as though I get through my creamier lipsticks really quickly.

Thanks to these gloomy 8 hour winter days it was dark when I took this so I had to use flash which I dislike as I don't like the way it makes me look. It was a really bad hair day too but the lipstick made me feel badass. I'll try and figure out some crazy looks to go with the lipstick and post some up in the future. I have a few ideas already that aren't just boring shades of brown.

For an indie makeup brand the lipsticks are definitely on the expensive side at $19 if you're in the UK you'll have to pay an extra $10 for shipping. That said, the packaging is fine, the quality is great and I honestly don't regret my purchase at all, and hope to get my hands on the upcoming shade of green, blow, even though I most definitely don't need another green lipstick. Eep.

Would you brave a blue lipstick like this? What would you wear it with?


  1. The blue lipstick actually looks really good! :-) x

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  3. I want this so badly! I gave them my e-mail address so they would e-mail me when it comes back in stock.

    RIKKI //

    1. Yeah this was the reason why I ended up getting it, mostly cause I wanted By Starlight but this was what they stocked so I was like well why not lol D:

  4. I want this colour so badly!! It looks awesome.

    1. Yeah I really want these guys to restock soon since they seem to have quite a few decent shades :3