January 10, 2014

Koren Zander Pro Brush Soap

So way back in my June haul, I purchased myself this Jasmine scented soap for makeup brushes by Koren Zander in an effort to make myself clean my makeup brushes more. Koren Zander is a rather popular male youtube 'guru' which was news to me (I'm not really a Youtube fan). Now I admit I didn't get to brush cleaning until at least 2/3 months later but I've used it for a while now so I'll be able to give you guys an experienced and detailed enough review on it.

My soap is Jasmine scented but there are 12 different scented ones, each with their own designated colour. Personally, I loved the smell of my Jasmine soap but if you're not a fan of any of the scents there is an unscented option. That said, when I used this I didn't find the smell transferred to my brushes at all, if they did, it most certainly wore off over the drying period and was too faint for me to notice a scent at all.

Using this is simple, dampen your brush and rub it on the soap to clean and condition it. So why bother spending £8.50 on this soap in particular? The loofah side on this soap is such a simple but genius idea. It really makes cleaning foundation brushes 10 times easier and quicker, I often find I spend ages trying to remove all the foundation off my brush only to have a lot of it still left on the brush. Although it got a lot of it off as you can see in the above pictures there still seems to be a little left at the roots of the brush, I'm not sure if that's something I can ever get rid of without destroying the poor brush so I didn't carry on with it.

Depending on your brushes you may experience fallout using this soap. No brushes aside from one had fallout but I wasn't surprised because with the particular brush in question (Inglot powder brush) I often find pieces of hair on my face whilst using it and I've recently invested in a new powder brush. It's a good way to figure out if any of the brushes you own are...crap. That said, I stopped using this particular brush with the soap as I found it really caused a fair bit of fallout on first use and thought I'd rather clean it a different way that won't destroy the brush although ideally I should just bin it.

You can purchase this soap through the original Koren Zander site. If you're in the UK though you may find it easier to purchase it at Beauty Chamber or on Cocktail Cosmetics where I bought mine for £8.50.

How often do you clean your makeup brushes and how do you get rid of stubborn residue?


  1. This sounds perfect for me, I'm so lazy with cleaning my brushes!


    1. Yup, it's been really handy, I'm super lazy with brush cleaning now I mostly clean as I go :)

  2. I totally forgot he sold brush soaps! I try to deep clean my brushes at least once a week but I've just been awful lately and it can go up to two weeks... at least for my powder brushes, anyway. I'm usually pretty good at deep cleaning eye brushes for obvious reasons - no muddy eye makeup lol

    RIKKI //

    1. I've been useless with cleaning brushes forever. I didn't know how to initially and would rub them all over makeup remover, then I had someone basically clean them for me and I eventually learned how to do it the fairy soap way xD I prefer this method the most though :)