December 04, 2013

Perfect Palette Tag

I've never been a fan of tagged posts. The content for the majority of them never appealed to me. That said, whilst watching Vintage or Tacky's videos I came across this Perfect Palette tag as it seemed like a fun tag to do. I haven't really seen it in many blogs but after some googling turns out it's only recently spreading around. Essentially, there are 8 different categories and you need to chose a palette per category. When I tried to do this mentally, I really struggled to think of which palettes to go with which and thought I had barely enough palettes to cover each category, so I gathered all of my palettes together.

The 8 categories are:
1. Best Packaging
2. Best Color Payoff
3. Most Versatile
4. Best for Travel
5. Biggest Regret
6. Best Color Names
7. Least Used
8. Most Used / Most Loved / Desert Island

Best Packaging
This was a no brainer, I adore the packaging of all of Sephora's Disney palettes. I only own the Jasmine one out of the three that released, I really wanted to love the Ariel one but the color selection was disappointing. Anyway, this is the only palette I own that sits on my shelf as a decorative piece because I think it's just that pretty. I don't own any Urban Decay palettes but if I did, I know that it would have been a contender for this spot.

Best Color Payoff
This was going to be a toss up between either a Sugarpill or an Inglot palette and in the end, I ultimately decided to chose Sugarpill over Inglot for color payoff. Specifically the Heart Breaker palette, had I not already owned all three palettes before the release of their pro palette, I definitely would have purchased that but sadly, I have three smaller ones to keep. So out of the three, I chose this one, which is the newer one of the three that I own.

Most Versatile
What's more versatile than a Z-palette? Surely nothing! You can depot anything and everything and just throw it all in here. I essentially use this palette to store all of my makeup geek shadows along with a bunch of things I've depotted. Including a Clinique blush and a few lipsticks. You could buy shadows from all sorts of brands and keep them here though, Makeup Forever, Inglot and even MAC. What you do with it is up to you.

Best for Travel
Inglot Palettes were the first palettes I had ever owned, and they are the company that sparked my initial interest with makeup. These freedom palettes are amazing for travel because they're not only stackable but have magnetic lids that make it impossible for your eyeshadows to fall everywear whilst travelling. I've taken my Z-palette abroad before but regretted it because of it's flimsy lid, I've never had a problem with Inglot ones.

Biggest Regret
I bought this BH Cosmetics Original 120 palette so I would stop going out of my way to go and buy ALL of the eyeshadows. I find that it's not especially pigmented as people have claimed it to be and more importantly this post by Sara had put me off it completely as I realised that this palette was from China when I inspected it closely, which also meant that it wasn't cruelty free, d'oh! If animal safety isn't your thing, hopefully your own health would be enough to put you off makeup made in China. Arsenic and mercury? Not on my face please.

Best Color Names
It turns out that not a lot of my palettes have decent shade names as a fair few of them rely on numbers or don't even have a name at all! So my choices were limited to start with. Out of all palettes I own, I would say I like this names in Sigma's Creme De Couture palette the most. They're mostly just sweet desert names that make me hungry. If my Concrete Minerals Zombie Girl collection was in a palette though, that would have easily have been my number one choice.

Least Used
I'm ashamed to say that the Beautifully Disney Enchanted Kiss palette that arrived broken the first time I purchased and had to demand for a new second one is probably my least used one, unless you count the Claire's palette in the first two images, but I had received that at an event and still haven't taken any photos before trying it out so I'm disqualifying that one. This Disney palette is actually quite nice...for neutral colors, which was why I went for it as I thought it'd encourage me to try more subtle looks, so far, it hasn't worked yet and I should really work on fixing that soon.

Most Used, Most Loved, Desert Island
I honestly, don't feel like I own the perfect palette yet and when I made my mental list I was going to cop out by leaving it at that without choosing one and mentioning that if I was stranded on a desert island I honestly wouldn't be worried about what I look like and much more concerned with shelter and survival. However, just before finishing this post, I changed my mind and decided that out of all the palette I currently own, this would be my most used and most loved, despite it not really seeing much love recently. This Inglot palette was my second ever palette that I owned and it was the first one whose color selection I had chosen myself.

I'd love to see all of your choices and will be tweeting a few people who I'd like to see try this tag soon. Feel free to link up your post in the comments below! Even if you don't take part, feel free to just write your choices down there!  


  1. I ended up doing this tag on my blog and we have some similarities. I also chose Sugarpill for best colour pay off. If I didn't sell my bhcosmetics palette, that would've been my biggest regret as well.

    1. ooh awesome, will check out the post :3

  2. Oww those palettes seem like.. yummy :D ! I own 2 palettes and both are dang old.. I should invest on something nice :) I love the Disney packages :)

    1. Haha they are pretty palettes xD And yes, treat yo self xD

  3. Love this post! We have similar taste in eyeshadows! I am SO bored of the nudes. Totes jotted down some of these palette names, II've nearly finished my Sleek Brights Palette.