November 29, 2013

Sleek Makeup Blushers

Boots and Superdrug have been hosting a 3 for 2 deal this past month, so I used this chance to grab myself three of their single pan blushers as without the offer it never really made sense to buy the single pan ones when their Blush By 3's were better value. This review is much more of a first impressions post, but you will see a more in depth review in the future sometime once I've used these enough.

The three shades I ended up choosing were 923 Pomegranate, 926 Rose Flush and 935 Flushed. Pomegranate wasn't my first choice as there was a third shade I wanted but it wasn't in stock (I really dislike how empty Sleek Makeup stands always tend to be), so I figured I'd just grab this as it seemed like a lovely shade but when it came time to swatch, I didn't like the metallic kind of finish on it, it looks like  something I'd put on my eye not on my cheeks, but we'll see how I get along with it.

Rose Gold is the stand out shade out of all three easily. It is easily the most unique shade I've ever owned. The name is so fitting as well just look at those swatches! I love how it changes from rose to gold depending on what angle the light hits it. I've read that it's meant to be a dupe for Nars' ever so popular Orgasm blush but I don't recall thinking it was ever as pretty as this any time I finger swatched it, I'll have to go and look one more time now that I own this and compare.

Flushed was the second one I had actually settled on as it had swatched beautifully in store and seemed like a lovely everyday shade I'd be able to wear and was most excited for this when I first bought these. After using these, although flushed looks lovely on my cheeks, I'm too busy obsessing over Rose Gold to really appreciate this shade for now.

A single pan contains 8g of product which is rather generous, especially when you compare these to other blushers. My Illamasqua blushers, as lovely as they are only contain 4.5g and my NYX ones are still more expensive than these and still manage to contain less product. Madness. Although these do contain more product, they aren't as long lasting as some of my other blushers I find, I also managed to rub off these arm swatches using nothing but my hands quite easily as well. So you will probably find yourself needing that extra product.

You can grab one of these at your local Superdrug for just £4.49 each or on the Sleek Makeup site. Have you tried Sleek Blushers in the past? What do you think of them? Let me know below!


  1. I have Pomegranate but I have a use it with a very light hand because it's so dark on me. I would love to try Rose Gold but it's always out of stock!

  2. Pretty blushes, I want them all.

  3. I really want to try these! I've yet to try Sleek makeup.

  4. Jolis ces blushs dis donc! Top top ♥

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  5. Highlighting the feminine, make your life full of color seen here

  6. Rose Gold! I like how the color changes from rose to gold. It's on my Christmas wish list. :)