November 13, 2013

Illamasqua Hydra Veil

I own many Illamasqua products, they're a brand that I'm happy to give all my money to but when Illamasqua launched Hydra Veil, I wasn't particularly sold on the idea and never picked it up. Months later, I was at an Illamasqua counter getting my makeup done and I loved how my skin looked, I'd never been happier with a makeup job. Turns out, she had applied Hydra Veil but still, I wasn't about to just go ahead and buy the full tub just yet. It wasn't until I had received a small sample that I had used daily that lasted just over two weeks that I finally knew that I was going to purchase a full sized tub of Hydra Veil.

There's been a lot of miscommunication about Illamasqua's Hydra Veil, a lot of people have been calling it a hydrating primer but Illamasqua has made it clear that it is most definitely not a primer. It also doesn't claim to provide any sort of long term skincare benefits so it won't be preventing wrinkles for example.

What IS Hydra Veil's purpose? Instant moisture and hydration for your skin.

Hydra Veil was formulated to go hand in hand with Illamasqua's Skin Base Foundation by enhancing the makeup longevity and preps your skin pre-foundation by smoothing the skin. It contains no parabens, sulfates nor phthalates.

All that said, I will say, I did notice that my skin has had a lot less blackheads and I'm 100% sure it's because of Hydra Veil. As someone who has combination oily skin, I've avoided moisturisers as they've lead to a lot of break outs in the past. I found out recently that there's such thing as having dehydrated oily skin that tends to cause blackheads, which is the problem I'd been having for a while. As someone with oily skin, the reason I was breaking out was because I just needed to use a specific type of moisturiser. Thankfully, Illamasqua's Hydra Veil has come to the rescue and has vastly improved my blackhead problems thanks to it's instant hydration factor.

Will I be purchasing this again? Considering how a 3ml sample lasted two weeks and a full size pot (£27) contains 30ml of product, I will most definitely be picking up another tub when I'm done with it. I've had a few negative reactions to a few moisturisers as they've caused my skin to completely bloat, this, however, hasn't caused any sort of negative reaction and if anything, has improved my skin. To top it all off, I do like how it returns to it's initial smooth surface no matter how many times you stir it. The novelty of watching it return to it's initial state still hasn't worn off.

Would I recommend? Depends on so many factors. If you use Illamasqua's Skin Base and you feel that it's a bit too dry for your skin, then definitely. If you generally suffer from dry skin but find you react negatively to a fair few moisturisers out there, then I'd suggest you try it in store first before you apply. Truth is, everybody's skin is different. There have been many rave reviews on this but some people have reported a stinging feeling so it really just depends. My skin has been drying up a lot lately in this harsher weather so Hydra Veil has personally come to my rescue. If you've already figured out a perfect skincare regiment don't rush to change it.

Have you tried Illamasqua's Hydra Veil? Is it something you've been meaning to try out?


  1. The only time I've tried this product is on the back of my hand in the store and it felt gorgeous and make my hand feel so soft.

    I'd give this a go but as I'm pretty skint at the moment I think I'll wait until I have more cash. Hell I may even put some of this on my face next time I'm in Illamasqua and see how my skin is when I get home. :P

    1. Yeah, being skint also prevented me from buying it for a while, but definitely try it out first before you buy, it's the best way to go with skincare items in general :)