October 16, 2013

Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick Sample Swatches

I recently got my hands on a few samples of Urban Decay's Revolution Lipstick samples and thought I'd share some lip swatches and test out the other shades to see if I like any of them enough to purchase a full sized one. (Don't worry though, there's a Halloween themed post to come soon.) This is a US sample so if you're not there, you may find it hard to get your hand on this but if you really want to try these out, I came across this listing on ebay UK. I've also already purchased Venom, you can get a closer look of it here, now on to the swatches!

*All swatches done without lip liner

F-Bomb is a classic red, ultimately not a unique color but still a lovely shade, I was surprised to find that it was a shade of red that went well with my skin. So much so, that I have the sudden urge to wear red lipsticks more often. I did find that out of all 4 shades, a little of F-bomb really did go a long way and I didn't have to use as much product for full coverage.

Naked is a nude pink shade, it's a lovely color but my only concern is that I already own at least three lipsticks like this already. That said, the formula on this is great and super creamy. If and when I manage to finish at least 2 of those, I'll probably restock on the shade by going for this.

Obsessed is described by Urban Decay as a bright baby pink. I feel like this shade just doesn't suit my skin tone which is a massive shame. Especially as I've seen this shade on quite a few other people and it looks lovely but whenever I wear it I feel like it looks so...bleh. Also I found that I really had to dig in to make it opaque and even then, it's rather sheer and doesn't have full opaqueness.

Anarchy is a bright fuschia, I did do a recent look of the day with a bright pink fuschia lip but this shade of fuschia seems like a deeper pink. I found it really easy to get full coverage with Anarchy. I'm currently unsure if I'll be purchasing the full size. I'll probably play around some more with my sample and decide later if I can live without it or not though. 

I apologise for the relatively short post, I've been busy with work and life and to top it all off, the sun has decided to hide away so it's been a struggle recently.


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    1. It's definitely one of the best ones out of the 4 :3

  2. I like ! Obsessed is very niceee ! ♥

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  3. Fab shades!