October 23, 2013

Concrete Minerals Zombie Girl Collection

I've already shared a bunch of swatches from the cruelty-free and almost 100% vegan friendly brand, Concrete Minerals. With the return of the Walking Dead on TV and Halloween around the corner, I thought now would be the perfect opportunity to review Concrete Minerals' Zombie Girl collection. The set contains 6 zombie themed mineral eyeshadows, three which are exclusive to the set while the other three are available for purchase on their site.

Swatches done using Concrete Minerals Electric Eye Primer
With the Left 4 Dead games being one of my favourite games, along with being a huge fan of the walking dead comic series, I definitely squee'd when I received this. I adore the sticker design on the tin of this set, it's definitely cool inspiration for a potential future Halloween look. I've swatched a few of Concrete Mineral's stuff before but I felt that using the brand's Electric Eye Primer with these shadows made it so much easier to apply, which shouldn't surprise me.

Living Dead is a moss green with copper undertones, the game gives away the inspiration behind the colour. It is definitely the perfect green for a zombie shade.

Nightmare (exclusive) is an electric purple with pink sparkle. I have to say though, whilst looking at this in the tub, I struggled to tell whether it was blue or purple but once applied it was obviously purple, and a gorgeous shade at that, I think this will end up being my favourite purple shadow.

Quarantine (exclusive) is a medium pink with purple undertones, although I'm not huge on pink in general, this is a lovely soft shade that I've actually gotten a fair amount of use from.

Graveyard (exclusive) is described as a deep taupe with pink shimmer, it reminds me of dirt, but don't let that put you off as I do genuinely love the colour. 

The Vaccine is a steel blue-grey with bright green duochrome, I adore this silvery shade, it's not too dull to be grey and not too bright and sparkly to casually wear on the lids.

Blood and Guts is a rusty red with bright aqua shift. This is definitely a super unique shade, I can safely say, I own nothing like it. That said, this one was the only tricky one to apply but I think that's because it's not a simple single colour.

The Zombie Girl Collection is available on the Concrete Minerals website for $36 which is just over £22, if you're in the UK, you can order the set from the Cute Cosmetics website for £25.


  1. I've actually been interested in this brand for a little bit of time now, despite not being into loose shadows. I saw their matte collection and I really want to try their blogger collection thing sometime.

    1. I hear their matte pro collection is awesome, they're definitely on my to try list, you should totally go for the blogger deal, esp since you're in the US and don't have to deal with international shipping lol xD

  2. Your blog is freaking awesome! Totally just followed.

    I've never heard of the brand, and looking at the pigmentation of this, it looks fab! Not super expensive either.



    1. D'aww thanks, it means a lot to hear that people actually like any of the things I write lol xD And yeah, indie brands are generally on the cheaper side thankfully :3