October 28, 2013

Birmingham Zombie Walk 2013

I'm expecting people's care cup to be empty for this post but hey, considering how my last post was Zombie related, I thought I'd share more Zombie love. Now this Zombie Walk actually happened way back in summer, and I did plan on sharing photos because I love seeing people's costume/cosplay efforts but for some reason I didn't get around to it, go figure. That said, the very first local zombie walk happened back in Halloween 2009, me and a few friends all zombified ourselves and made our way to town to join others attending the walk. In the end, we never made the walk...why? Because we were so busy playing zombie whilst travelling to town that we missed the full walk. I skipped out on the annual walk in the following years but this year decided to just go for it when a friend mass messaged people if they were up for it. So I finally had a taste of what an actual zombie walk was like!

So the day started off with everyone meeting at the park where the organisers had set up a long row or makeup stalls that attendees could get zombified at by paying a small fee. It was a charity event, so all the money made went towards the local children's hospital. After my friends had gotten their makeup done we just sat down and chatted whilst taking in our surroundings.

At any event where people dress up/cosplay it's always so interesting to people watch and try and figure out how on earth some people built some of their costumes. There were quite a few zombie brides, zombie babies and pregnant zombies too, which was so ridiculous it was awesome to see.

As awesome as it was to see many classic type zombies, my favorite zombies were definitely the ones that mixed cosplays with zombie makeup. It was great trying to figure out what some of the people were dressed up as, the disney ones were pretty obvious to figure out, along with some of the comic book related ones. I loved the Team Fortress 2 group effort, they even made the heavy have a rotating minigun. The ones I was less familiar with were the Kill Bill and Pyramid Head outfits, luckily my friends knew who they were.

Just before the walk there was a mini speech by one of the children from the hospital and it was time for all of us zombies to gather in one place before we hoarded out in the streets of Birmingham. It was quite amusing seeing people's reactions to it all, some of the little kids got scared by a few of the costumes.

After seeing cosplays crossed with zombies, I've been considering just taking one of my old costumes and just zombifying them a bit, it's an awesome way to reuse an old costume :3 Something, I'll probably do at next years zombie walk. All in all, it was fun to do and there's the added bonus of doing something positive by donating.


  1. I've always thought this looks awesome. I love zombies. Definitely going to do this one year!


    1. You should, especially if you love zombies xD It's quite a fun experience :3