October 03, 2013

5 Breaking Bad Characters I Love & Hate

First off, SPOILERS, so don't read this if you're not all caught up yet. So when I began this blog, I knew at some point I'd want to broaden up it's content from solely Beauty to other interests I hold. Breaking Bad is a show that I had dismissed and ignored for years. When I finally watched the show I was wow'd so much by the characters that I felt the need to write about it. So here we are now, me raving about who's bad deeds are forgiveable for being awesome and who make me start yelling at the TV monitor. Spoilers ahoy after the jump.

5. Jesse Pinkman
Jesse Pinkman is definitely a mixed bag, and putting him on my 'loved' list is most definitely biased. I find him attractive despite the fact that if I ever met a guy like him in real life I'd be repulsed by him. Having rewatched the show as well, I really dislike hearing him say the b word all the time. That said he's a good guy, he obviously has morals but he has a tendency to mess up any opportunity he has. Seeing all the pain the poor guy went through in the end of the season was heartbreaking. Despite his herping and derping, deep down he's a good kid is why he's made it on my loved list and my god was it nice to see him escape the Nazi's and Heisenberg's orders.

4. Walter White
A lot of people may not agree with me on this one as I won't deny he's done some terrible, unforgivable things. Walter White was a good man to begin with but a man who seemed to have let life sort of pass by. He's an intelligent man working in education, in high school as well rather than university so is getting paid pennies. When Death comes knocking on his door, Walt decides to finally start living and making his own choices, decisions and mistakes. I'm not saying the life he's decided is right but he is getting control of his own life which is something I can support for the last two years of life he has left. He does try fix wrongs by admitting to his wife that he did it for himself and not the family, getting rid of the blue product and setting Jesse free. Getting shot by his own gun is a fitting end for the great Heisenberg himself. 

3. Gustavo "Gus" Fring
This character, is the last person I would ever expect to be a drug distributor. I love his cool, calm and collected tone of voice he always has. He is very 'professional', I love the way he's built up several legitimate businesses to cover for his dodgy deals, how the writers even played with the idea of him being homosexual and how we see that he isn't afraid of getting his hands dirty too. 

2. Skylar White
This woman needs more love. The first time I watched this, Skylar annoyed me so much but I liked her character much more as the show went on. When I rewatched it, I realised my initial dislike for her wasn't justified as I was essentially hating her because she just wanted to know the truth about what her husband was up to. How dare she right? Anyway, the hatred that this actress gets in real life is unjustified. Skylar is obviously quite intelligent, she figured out that Walt was a drugdealer to start off with and after a few bumps, she decides to still stick with Walt to keep the family together and makes up a very good cover up story for her husband. All in all, I have a lot of respect for Skylar and I think more Breaking Bad fans should too.

1. Hector 'Tio' Salamanca
I never thought a character with no lines could ever be so captivating. There isn't much I can say about Tio, the actor played him really well. The first time he appeared in an episode, I instantly dismissed him because he was in a wheelchair and had a very vacant expression, boy was I wrong. Every time he's on screen, he conveys so much emotion. I also love how in the past he was the antithesis of Gus. When Tio & Gus died in the 4th season, I was gutted, it made the 5th season far less enjoyable for me. 

5. Todd Alquist
He only turns up in the 4th season but plays a slightly larger role in the 5th season. I see him as the antithesis of Jesse Pinkman. He does things well but has no conscious. He shoots a little kid for christs sake and doesn't have a single problem with it. The guy shoots Jesse Pinkman's ex-girlfriend and chains the poor guy like a wild animal while forcing him to cook for the Nazis. Todd's a moron and I was glad to see Jesse get rid of him.

4. Marie Schrader
Marie is such a well thought out character but damn, she does annoy me a lot. She isn't the most likeable character out there and her hatred towards Walt when things come out is justified. What annoyed me the most about her was when she decided to force Skylar to tell Junior the truth. We knew Hank was dead at the time and I expected it to be really satisfying when Marie found out about his death but as much as I dislike her, my heart still broke when I saw how devastated she was.

3. Tuco Salamanca
If this guy didn't have such a hot head, I'd like to believe that things for Walter White would not have gotten so out of hand. Tuco is a rather obvious choice too as there's nothing empathetic about the guy, he's a drug lord and a ridiculously violent one at that. Out of all 9 alignments, Tuco is easily chaotic evil. The only human quality to him is his love for his family.

1 & 2 Gretchen & Elliot Schwartz
This couple are both terrible, terrible people. Gretchen was involved with Walt at some point and decided to change her interests towards Elliot. Elliot who was Walt's best friend and lab partner of some sort, essentially left Walter out of their multi-million, perhaps even billion, dollar business. A business built upon Walt's work that would have paid off any cancer treatment costs and provided a decent future for his family. A life denied by these two pricks essentially. The scared looks on their faces in the last episode when Walt sneaks up on them and has Badger and Skinny Pete flash red lasers at them was so rewarding.  

Who are your favorite characters? Which ones can't you stand? What are your thoughts on the season finale? Let me know in the comments section below!



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    1. It's finished now, so it's a good time to blast through all the episodes ^^

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