September 13, 2013

Sigma Creme De Couture Macaron-Inspired Eye Shadow Palette

I have recently been trying to keep an effort into not purchasing any eye makeup palettes. Why? Because at the start of my makeup addiction, I began by buying ALL of the eye shadows. After a while I figured I'd try and cool it down for a bit and buy more lip and cheek products. Anyway, when I saw this palette and the colors in it, I just had to have it immediately. Pretty makeup inspired by pretty deserts? Om Nom Nom Nom. This palette definitely had the right ratio of colorful to neutral eye shadow colors for my taste, with the colorful ones outnumbering the more neutral boring shades.

The colors in the palette are all inspired by macarons hence their super colorful range. I love the color descriptions and names. There are some interesting flavors that I would love to actually try tasting for all but Elderberry. No matter how hard I try, it just makes me think of the classic line 'your mother was a hamster and your father smelled of elderberries' by the insulting Frenchman from Monty Python. 

Redberry Rose is a vibrantly fresh hot pink
Apricot Flower is a delicate whip of peach crisp
Passion Fruit is a rich tropical icing
Cherry Blossom is a light and airy cherry bloom
Meyer Lemon is a zeisty, sweet, golden glow
Ginger Pumpkin is an earthy, spiced orange cake
Café au Lait is a buttery, warm mocha cookie
Blueberry Cream is a milky blue velvet créme filling
Violet Whip is an airy pastel lilac highlight
Lavender Honey is a subtle hint of pansy purple glaze
Cassis is a shot of bold & creamy berry
Elderberry is a luscious concord for smokey depth
Blue Chocolat is a melt-in-your-mouth light aqua créme
Almond Pear is a sweet mint celadon marmalade
Créme de Menthe is a refined & delicate milky sea green
Citron Pistachio is a vividly bright lime meringue

Over Urban Decay Primer Potion
Over NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk
The packaging is so unique compared to all of the other palettes I own. Every palette that I own flips open but with this, you get to take off the lid entirely (think like the Benefit blushers). Between this and my Z-palette I imagine I would chose to take this away with me on holiday just because I feel as though this would be much safer than the flimsy cover of my Z-palette and are far less likely to open up and fly everywhere during travel time. The pastel cover gives it a spring time feeling, making it a bit of a strange time for Sigma to release this palette but I'm not going to complain.

As you can tell from the swatches the shadows alone or even with your standard everyday eye shadow primer, the shadows are not especially pigmented but aren't impossible to work with either. They come off somewhat sheer and you really need to build the product for extra pigmentation. I'm not surprised though as matte pastel shadows generally tend to be much harder to work with. Either way, I would definitely say these are more pigmented than some of Sleek Makeup's eyeshadow palettes. Yet ultimately, if you want to make things easier for yourself, I highly recommend you apply these shadows over a creamier base, I personally use NYX's Jumbo Pencil in Milk to get decent coverage. 

Ultimately, the formula tends to vary per shadow with the extremely light colors being somewhat chalky and the rest are alright. They aren't super silky like some shadows I own but they do the job. They don't last well with just a primer but are super durable and vibrant with a creamy white base (I use NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk). They're also safe to wear as I haven't had any sort of reaction to wearing them. 

You can purchase this palette alone or as a set with 3 other blushers in the collection either on the Sigma site or if you're in the UK on Cocktail Cosmetics like I did (some of the items are currently out of stock). I decided to just stick to the palette as I don't experiment enough with blushers. The palette cost £27.95 alone and each blusher costs £9.95 on Cocktail Cosmetics if you're in the US though you'll be able to get it for cheaper on the Sigma website. 

Overall, I love that you get 16 beautiful colors in this, it's a good starter pack for those who want to begin experimenting with colors and if you want the shadows to look as bright as they are in the box you should definitely use an eye shadow base over an eye shadow primer.

Have you tried any of Sigma's products before? Let me know in the comments section below!


  1. This is pretty, but I doubt I would use any of the shades. Definitely want to look into the blushes though xx
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    1. The blushers are also macaroon flavored inspired, I was so tempted to try them out :3

  2. I love it :-)


  3. Eeeee!! The packaging, the colours, the names and descriptions... XD So awesome!!
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    1. Awesome...I have no idea which blog hop this is but glad you enjoyed this post :3

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