September 11, 2013

Selfridges & Bullring Turns 10 Event

So last week, on Wednesday the 4th of September, I had been ever so kindly invited by Sara from pretty in pink to join her as a +1 to a VIP event in Selfridges. There had been so much talk about Selfridges turning 10 that I had only learned just then that the Bullring had also turned 10 along with it. I was genuinely surprised to find out that the mall was so young to begin with as it would have only been around for 6 years when I had first moved to Brum for university.

As you can see, when it came to celebrating, everyone immediately thought of deserts, especially cake. The Selfridges food hall had a fair few special treats on display, macaroons were arranged to make a big 10 and a big cake with the number 10 was clearly inspired by the numerous aluminium discs on the exterior of the Selfridges building in Birmingham. During the same week, I also happened to notice another huge cake in the Bullring itself, it was designed by the local chocolate factory, Cadbury World, and it's got a bunch of Birmingham landmarks on it. There are admittedly some things on there I don't fully understand, like the tennis balls or giant teacups but that could just be a generic 'I'm British so I drink tea' thing.

So on to the event, we attended slightly late as we were at an event previously in Harvey Nichols but by the time we arrived there was a speech that informed us all that Selfridges would be undergoing a £20 million makeover and the beauty hall will have it's own full floor which excited me the most. It was a lovely evening up in the Moet Bar and Gallery Restaurant where we were served yummy deserts and a few people indulged in some colorful looking alocoholic beverages (I stuck with my boring water). Suddenly in the middle of the evening we were all surprised and entertained by the cabaret performer Le Gateau Chocolat, it was the first time I had ever seen a man in front of me wear such crazy and bright pink makeup. He was super entertaining and I loved his confidence.

 I actually failed at taking photos during the night sadly but I'm sure others will have some up. As I already mentioned, I attended as a +1 of Sara's and her buddies, Hayley from Strangeness and Charm, Chloe from Unwritten Hollywood and Charlotte from lilmisschickas. I also bumped into Florrie of Intrinsically Florrie who I had met at VintSetFest and she seems to have caught some lovely photos. Not pictured in the group shot was my fellow +1 buddy, Sophie from Pocockins who probably kept me company for most of the evening. 

The celebrations didn't end there, throughout the week Selfridges had a mini van that would move around Birmingham offering free mini makeovers, skin consultations or Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Selfridges itself had various artists performing live in store and there were a wide range of promotions and offers in store across the food, beauty and fashion sectors.

Anyway, aside from the party, I decided to attend their Autumn Beauty Night last Thursday too. It's essentially a night where you can buy ALL of the beauty products but with added benefits, usually each counter has an offer or promotion on where you get a free gift for spending a certain amount of money. There are usually some sweets served out too, on the night there were mini cupcakes, champagne, snow cones and a candy cart. If there's ever a night you want to spend a fair amount of cash at Selfridges, these nights are the ones. If you spend over £70, you get to have a go on their vending machine to win some goodies.

On the night, I decided to basically buy ALL of the Illamasqua things mainly because I needed to restock on a few things. I ended up getting a free Beguile pigment (it's not pictured because I herped) and also purchased my Clinique anti-blemish solutions soap (again not pictured due to derping). So, it all led to me getting a shot on the vending machine where I was sadly unlucky enough to get a more high-end makeup goodie bag but I'm not going to complain about free goodies.

After my go at the vending machine, I went to pick up my gift card, which I think was a special feature due to it being their 10th Birthday and all. We got a percentage of the money spent back on to our cards that could be used in the fashion section in Selfridges. Since I essentially ended up with only £15 on my gift card, I decided to pick up a tartan skirt (not pictured cause I was wearing it on the day I took photos) and the Mr T style cross multi necklaces.

Have you taken part in any of Selfridge's 10 Years Young Celebrations? Lemme know in the comments section below.