September 25, 2013

Claire's Blogger Event

So a few weeks ago I had been invited along to a blogger event hosted by Claire's courtesy of Sara from Pretty in Pink as I was her +1. When she mentioned the event I admit I was very hesitant to attend as Claire's had always struck me as a childish store but after getting the invite from their PR team I thought it'd be rude not to at that point so I tagged along and was incredibly surprised by what I found.

Heidi, Hayley, Charlotte, Sara, Me, Sophie & Chloe

To start off with, the event was hosted in Harvey Nichols' champagne bar at the mailbox...quite a posh setting for a brand I had labelled as 'for kids'. When I saw a variety of their upcoming products neatly displayed in the bar though, I was surprised by all of the accessories that I looked at and thought to myself 'I want that'. I especially liked the variety of bows that they had, tartan, lace, camouflage/army print and studded. They seemed like an awesome accessory if I wanted to try out a gothic lolita style outfit (unsure if it'll ever happen though as cutesy doesn't seem to fit my personality). They also had a super unique bowler cat hat which was pretty awesome. It matched perfectly with Hayley's outfit on the day.

Turns out, Claire's has been aware of the 'it's a store for children' label it has and has been actively making the effort to broaden it's demographic. They have also been busy expanding and improving their beauty range. I'm especially excited to try out their nail polishes, they seem to come in a variety of finishes, look quite similar to nails inc bottles and are drugstore price. I love that they stock Lipsmackers as I haven't really seen any for quite a few years. I'm quite curious to see just how well their eyeshadow palette performs.

Sadly, I arrived late at the event and had to leave early for another, I know I would have liked to have stayed for the full event before moving on as I couldn't have been at the event for more than an hour alone. We did take a group shot with us all wearing a random accessory, even though you can't tell as most of the tiaras have been wiped out due to the Instagram filter. Oh well, all in all it was a lovely evening and I was quite happy to meet the local blogging crew again.

Next time you see a Claire's stop by inside, see if there's anything to your liking in there. You may be surprised with what you find! 

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