August 14, 2013


Three weeks ago today, I, along with many other bloggers, was invited to VintSetFest at the custard factory in Birmingham. I'm not personally into the vintage style although I do think it looks pretty, I'm just not sure it suits me nor my personality very much. Nonetheless, I went down to meet up with others and see what was going on at the abandoned factory. This is a rather picture heavy post so check out what went on after the jump!

First things first, the location was really interesting, aside from the whole abandoned factory thing, it's the fact that the first and last time I had been there was at a student night back in my first year and it was quite ravey so it was definitely really strange visiting the place in daylight. I had only just taken notice of how there were small independent stores there as well. The organisers had taken over a room and had a barbecue going on outside too to make the most of the summer sun.

After checking in and collecting my goodie bag, I rushed myself to the Macadamia Natural Oil stand and make some purchases as the items were all discounted. I've raved about their products in an earlier review already, sadly I wasn't able to pick up some more of their deep repair hair masks as they were all sold out quite quickly. I think most people who try out their stuff fall in love instantly, it's so good but rather pricey.

There was plenty going on that evening, there were pop up stands selling jewellery, vintage clothing, sunglasses, oldschool cameras and hair products. You could also get your hair styled, or your makeup done (makeup academy London) or even had some nail art done (nailsbyRosie) on various different stands. There was one stand by a lovely lady called Harri Styles that caught my eye in particular, with some beautiful custom made nails, phone accessories and jewellery.

Sadly I did not really take part in getting my nails or hair done that evening as I was more interested in having a chat with familiar blogging faces that evening and even meeting new ones. The evening finished off with a style blogger challenge, an industry expert Q&A session (Managing Director of Macadamia Hair, Managr of ASOS marketplace, Senior Makeup Artist of Make Up London Academy and Clothes Show Live organisers) and last but not least a live band act.

Before leaving people had photos taken of themselves, I was hoping to use them but sadly, I haven't seen any of them yet so I figured I'd just publish this post already, so sadly no ootd photos from me today. The event went down well and I want to give huge props to the VintSetFest team along with TigerBamCommunications for hosting a lovely night for us all.