August 07, 2013

Sinful Colors Glitter Nail Enamel Polishes

Sinful Colors is a nail polish brand I had heard about quite a few years ago thanks to a lot of American nail art bloggers. I believe that they've only been introduced to the UK a few months ago, if not, then they've only recently been at Boots at the very least. The entire range boasts 70 shades with various finishes including creams, pearls, glitter, shimmer and matte. Sinful Colors only have 9 glitter finishes and it turns out the only 4 that I own are all glitter finishes.
Shades from left to right (2-3 coats):
1102 Kissy, 932 Call You Later, 927 Nail Junkie, 923 Queen of Beauty
"Color you crave at the price you love." -

I'm quite certain that this is the main reason why these are so popular. There's a huge range of colors and finishes with each polish retailing for only £1.99, making these without a doubt the cheapest nail polishes I own.

Out of all four, I was disappointed with Kissy as I was expecting more sparkle. I don't really understand why it's classed as glitter as it seems more shimmery to me. It's reasonably opaque as well so I would not recommend any layering over other colors.

Call You Later and Queen of Beauty are similar with each other, where they're great for applying over a base color of your choice. Call You Later is a light green with both big and tiny glitter particles while Queen of Beauty only has tiny particles all of the same size.

Nail Junkie is my personal favorite out of all four. It seems a lot darker in the bottle compared to when it was swatched which was a lovely surprise. The color is relatively opaque, so you really need to layer the polish on but the finish is gorgeous. I didn't experience any chipping with these glitter polishes, if anything it's really difficult to get these to come off.

Overall, I have to agree with the brands' slogan, at £1.99 these are both affordable and decent quality!


  1. Gorgeous colors, I love glitter nail polishes.

    1. Me too, just wish it was easier to remove :P

  2. Love glitter polishes its such a pain to remove though :P

  3. I really like sinful colors! Some of the shades are kinda hit or miss for me, but for the price I really can't complain too much! My favorite shades is Let's Talk.

    1. Exactly, the price is essentially what made me try these out :P