August 25, 2013

Lime Crime Candyfuture Lipsticks

For a long while, despite the notorious reputation of the brand, I've still been curious to try out their products. Over the last two months, I've managed to pick up 4 lime crime lipsticks. So this month, I've finally gotten around to trying these out a few times. Unfortunately most of the colors I bought weren't especially exciting ones and two of them are really similar to each other (Coquette and Babette). I also picked up Great Pink Planet, as it was a color that piqued my curiosity, even though it's somewhat Barbie, I thought I'd try something new out. The last one is the most unusual one of the ones I chose, Styletto, which is essentially just a black lipstick.

As per usual, I'll be superficial and comment on the packaging. It's a very hit or miss, some people love the shiny purple unicorn packaging while others find it too trashy. Personally, it's a little too childish for my taste but I can appreciate it for what it is. Maybe if it were slightly more of a blue purple, I'd probably love it so much more. The tubes feel heavy for what they are and metallic which pleasantly surprised me as I was expecting it to be all plastic. Overall, whether you like the packaging or not is all up to individual taste.

A single lipstick bullet it currently priced at $15.99, which is roughly £10.50 on the Lime Crime website but due to international postage charges (and their reputation), I found it cheaper to purchase these from local retailers. I bought mines from Love-Makeup for £11.50 which is roughly $18, however, Lime Crime are looking to raise their prices this fall so it would probably be best to grab some for yourself before that happens. If you're in the UK I highly recommend you try purchasing these off of as they deliver super quickly.

Although the formula isn't sheer, I would not say it is fully opaque. Lime Crime's "Opaque lipstick in a rainbow of statement shades, to match your individuality. Although it kind of varies per lipstick shade with Styletto being the most opaque. As someone who's essentially used to just using matte lipsticks, it was quite strange using these as they have a glossy finish, it's definitely something that'll take some getting used to. You will definitely need to exfoliate and moisturise your lips if they're dry before you use these as well.

All of the lipsticks vary in terms of durability. They all generally wear off between 3.5 - 4 hours and for a glossy lipstick, it seems pretty standard. In all honesty it could probably be extended by using a lip primer. Overall, I had no problems at all with Coquette, nor to a certain degree with Styletto and Babette. However Great Pink Planet's effect seems to wear off quickly, it's still there overall but it'll seep in to the cracks of your lips making your lips look somewhat distorted. That could be an individual problem though.

Colors from L-R:
Coquette, Babette, Great Pink Planet and Styletto

Top Row: Coquette, Babette
Bottom Row: Great Pink Planet, Styletto

Coquette is described as a pale, peachy nude. I'm really unsure if I like it or if it makes me look like a Gurango girl wannabe. On camera and normal lighting it's fine but in darker lighting (or lack of lighting) it really sticks out, it's super pale compared to my skin and I worry it looks ridiculous on me. I think ultimately I'll have to just ask somebody else if it's just in my head or if it actually does look normal.

Babette is a pinker version of Coquette, a pastel coral. This shade...I basically just bought it because it was a new one. I will make sure I never do this again. It's not that I don't like it, it's just not an especially crazy color and is too similar to Coquette. Maybe in time it'll be one of those lipsticks that I appreciate more but for now, I want strange experimental colors!

Great Pink Planet is decribed by Lime Crime as a pastel pink with a neon tote, like strawberry milkshake. Now, I was expecting a pastel pink shade but I had no idea it had a neon edge to it at all. It looks so crazy! I found it settled in the cracks of my lips  which ultimately altered the way it looked after say an hour of wear. I think out of all 4 this is definitely the o god what was I thinking shade for me. It does not suit my skin nor my personality. I'll probably play around with it a little first, but if ultimately I dislike it, it'll probably end up in a blog sale.

Styletto is a glossy, opaque black. I love this shade. I think it could last for more than 4 hours but the thing with Styletto is, it transfers and I'm not going to starve and dehydrate myself to test it out. Don't wear this if you're having a meal, you'll just end up getting lipstick all over your face or even be eating it mixed in with your food. I do think if you're going to wear a black lipstick, you should be prepared for reapplying anyway.

Overall: I regret not buying more 'outrageous' colors. I regret rushing in to quickly purchase Babette just because it was new. It's a little too similar to Coquette for me. Styletto is a definite keeper. I like the way Coquette looks on me in natural daylight, it looks like a lovely nude but am concerned that in all other lighting I look silly. I'll probably pick up a few other 'odd' shades before saying whether I like these or love these. I feel kind of impartial to them for now, aside for Styletto, which I love. Ultimately, I'm glad I only bought a few rather than bought them all as I was originally tempted to do.


  1. I would get these just for the packaging! It's soo cute! I want to try the shade poisonberry so badly!

    1. Me too, I plan on ordering it along with Serpentina once it releases xD

  2. Coquette looks really nice on you, it does look better than Babette. I'm not bold enough to try something like the black lipstick but surprisingly it matches your skintone
    Thanks for the review!

    1. Yeah, I'm unimpressed by Babette personally, also I definitely prefer darker lipsticks to bright lipsticks :)

  3. Coquette looks gorgeous on you! I own Glamour 101 and Poisonberry and they're both lovely. I really want Styletto!

    1. They both sound/seem like decent shades. Poisonberry is definitely on my wishlist. Styletto is awesome, you should definitely try it out :)

  4. I just made my first Lime Crime purchase not too long ago. I love the pigmentation on the lipsticks, but I really love the Velvetines.

  5. You should read about the "Lime Crime controversy".