August 04, 2013

Collective July Haul

Hey guys so as we've reached the end of another month, I thought I'd give you a little peak into recent purchases I've made. July has been full of so many sales so my haul is definitely bigger than usual but luckily without a heavy price tag. Don't expect a collective haul for August though as I don't think I'd be buying much beauty related stuff this month.

I recently attended a bloggers event at the Custard Factory called VintSetFest. Expect a post sometime this week on it, the only reason I haven't published it yet was because I was hoping to receive photos of us bloggers at the event by now but seems like I'm going to have to continue waiting for a bit. Anyway, Macadamia Natural Oil, who I've recently reviewed, had a stall set up and I just had to make a purchase as everything was discounted and I loved their products! Sadly all of their hair masks had sold out but the lovely lady managing the stall gave me a whole bunch of samples to keep my going for a bit. I did purchase their travel kit for £10 and their biggest size bottle of their healing oil treatment for £10 (normally retails for over £20). I'm currently undecided as to whether I should actually save the travel kit for actual travel or if I should just go for it.

Another hair product! Beautybay had these Tangle Teezers on sale and it was a highly recommended wigcare product. However, I was discussing this with a few other bloggers and apparently it's quite popular just for brushing actual hair? It's honestly news to me and I had never heard of it before, I suppose it's mostly due to it apparently being a British thing. I was surprised to find that it even had a patent on it! I chose Disco Purple, because purple!

I didn't really purchase these. Essentially, me and the boyfriend had a date in town and we happened to come across the Benefayre. Although he was incredibly scared of all the pink, we went in and played a few games. He won me the beautiful mirror, I was genuinely surprised by it's quality, I love how it's not just one you flip open like a book but it functions as a decent stand. It strikes me as the kind of thing I'd take if I were to go camping at a festival or just travelling somewhere.

Illamasqua Blushers! I've only ever previously owned one and that was Ambition and I've almost finished the entire pan. I've been meaning to try out a different one and thanks to the Illamasqua summer sale I managed to grab three for ridiculously low prices. Shades are from left to right, Lover, Sophie and Seduce. The first two are powder blushers and Seduce is a cream blusher, my very first one as well. I'm kind of intimidated by it as I've never used one before.

Many eye related products!

Concrete Minerals Eyeshadows - I've had my eye on this indie band for a fair few months. I'm quite picky with what indie makeup companies I'd actually spend money on and this one was definitely one that I knew I would invest in. When they announced their 4th of July sale, I knew I had to get in on it. I ordered a few singles along with their Blackest Black eyeshadow stack.

Illamasqua Pure Pigment in Zeitgeist - Another item from the Illamasqua sale, I had swatched this in store a while ago and it seemed super black. After some recent swatching, I realised that it is in fact the blackest pigment I currently own.

Lime Crime Uniliners in 6th Element, Orchidaceous & Citreuse - A few months ago I managed to pick up four of these uniliners and I genuinely do love them so I thought I'd add a few more shades to the collection. I really want to also pick up Lazuli which is a sort of electric blue shade.

Sugarpill Pressed Eyeshadow in @#$%! - (not pictured) I realised I forgot to put this in with the photos a little to late but I managed to pick up a limited edition Sugarpill shade and I love the new shimmer formula. I'm really hoping we'll be seeing future pressed shadows with a similar formula too.

More Lime Crime candyfuture lipsticks after purchasing two last month. I wanted to try out their new shade, Babette and compare it to Coquette. I also purchased Great Pink Planet as it's one of those shades that just seems to sell out quite frequently and I've seen some decent swatches of it, I'm just unsure as to whether I'll be able to pull off a lipstick so pink!

I've already come quite close to finishing up my tube of Benefit's fake up. Admittedly, I was suffering from dry skin around my eyes so I ended up applying a lot more than usual but have been using less whenever I apply it now. Either way, I picked this up new from Terri's blog sale.

I've had my eye on Barry M's Hi-Shine range for a while and since Superdrug had a 3 for 2 offer across all nails, I thought now was as good a time as any to finally get my hands on a few. I picked up Key Lime, Guava and Blue Grape. I'm mostly excited about Blue Grape as it just seems like such a bright royal blue. I'm hoping it'll deliver.

Yet another Illamasqua summer sale item. Viridian is a lovely dark peacock green with metallic finish. This was listed in my Emerald Green makeup post and was probably the emerald nail polish I was lusting after the most as the price had dropped down to £5, I thought it would be silly not to go for it.

Last but not least, I picked up my very first lip primer, Urban Decay's Lip Primer Potion! I know there's a cheaper alternative which is essentially just apply concealer on your lips before applying whichever lipstick but I wanted to see whether using a lip primer would do much especially as I know eye primers make such a big difference with some eyeshadows. Look forward to a review of this but only after I've really tried it out.

I don't wear heels often, they're just so...inefficient. However, I can't deny that I have been lusting after the Jeffrey Campbell Lita style shoes for well over a year now. Luckily, I happened upon Helen from Lovecatsinc's blog sale where she had a pair of mock Campbells in my size. So it was definitely a no-brainer. I don't know if Lita's been comfortable to wear was a lie or if I'm just majorly out of practice with wearing heels. That said, anytime I wear these, I get loads of compliments on how awesome they are.


  1. Omg, major haul envy! I love everything that you got. The Macadamia hair products are to dye for - just go nuts and use the travel pack now. It's going to last you for ages so you can probably still use them when you go travelling.

    I have never heard of a Benefayre - where do you live?

    As for the tangle teezer, I never realised that it was meant to be a brush for wigs lol - most people I know use it on their actual hair. It serves well as a multi-purpose product.

    Great post :)


    1. I've been saving the shampoo conditioner for another day. I'm in Brum, the Benefayre has been moving around.