August 30, 2013

Carmex - Lip Balm That Works

After recently falling to the hype of Baby Lips and being left somewhat disappointed. I thought I'd try out this Carmex's lip balm that was given to me in the VintSetFest goodie bag last month. I'll be honest, I wasn't expecting much from this, especially because of the way it was packaged (there's something about yellow that I really tend to dislike) but the information on the pack persuaded me to give it a chance at the very least.

So here's a little history on the product. Alfred Woelbing was a sufferer of dry, chapped lips, so he invented this lip balm in the USA way back in the 1930s. The packaging claims that it has become one of the world's most loved lip balms and has over 130 sold every minute! The business is even still run by the Woelbing family today. It has also been awarded 1st place as 'Most Recommended by Pharmacist' in the states for over 10 years.

"Carmex's unique formula soothes, moisturises, and relieves-resulting in soft, healthy-looking lips. Carmex lip balm is now available in squeezable tubes and sticks in addiction to Alfred's original pots. Try it for yourself and experience why this award-winning lip balm is a favourite of celebrities and make-up artists all over the world!"

I have to say, I have not heard anyone ever talk about this, no makeup artists either. It's a real shame though because as someone who is eczema prone and has been suffering from ridiculously dry, flaked lips, this works amazingly well! The problem with a fair few balms out there is, they only give you temporary moisture and in the long run, dries out your lips even more.

This feels like toothpaste on your lips. As in, your lips get this awesome mint fresh cool sensation when you apply it. I was pretty surprised by this strange feeling when I applied it, I loved it but some others may not. The only thing that doesn't make this the best lip balm in the world is that if you have flakey lips, you will have to scrub the skin off but after that is done and after you've applied lip balm, you'll find your lips are generally kept soft and healthy.

I would most definitely recommend this. Ever since I've started using this, I've noticed it around much more. In obvious places like Boots and less obvious places such as Primark! It generally retails for under £3 so it's rather cheap. For a lip balm that works, the price is great!

Carmex balm is an excellent example of when you can't judge a book from it's cover and quality ultimately wins over.

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August 25, 2013

Lime Crime Candyfuture Lipsticks

For a long while, despite the notorious reputation of the brand, I've still been curious to try out their products. Over the last two months, I've managed to pick up 4 lime crime lipsticks. So this month, I've finally gotten around to trying these out a few times. Unfortunately most of the colors I bought weren't especially exciting ones and two of them are really similar to each other (Coquette and Babette). I also picked up Great Pink Planet, as it was a color that piqued my curiosity, even though it's somewhat Barbie, I thought I'd try something new out. The last one is the most unusual one of the ones I chose, Styletto, which is essentially just a black lipstick.

As per usual, I'll be superficial and comment on the packaging. It's a very hit or miss, some people love the shiny purple unicorn packaging while others find it too trashy. Personally, it's a little too childish for my taste but I can appreciate it for what it is. Maybe if it were slightly more of a blue purple, I'd probably love it so much more. The tubes feel heavy for what they are and metallic which pleasantly surprised me as I was expecting it to be all plastic. Overall, whether you like the packaging or not is all up to individual taste.

A single lipstick bullet it currently priced at $15.99, which is roughly £10.50 on the Lime Crime website but due to international postage charges (and their reputation), I found it cheaper to purchase these from local retailers. I bought mines from Love-Makeup for £11.50 which is roughly $18, however, Lime Crime are looking to raise their prices this fall so it would probably be best to grab some for yourself before that happens. If you're in the UK I highly recommend you try purchasing these off of as they deliver super quickly.

Although the formula isn't sheer, I would not say it is fully opaque. Lime Crime's "Opaque lipstick in a rainbow of statement shades, to match your individuality. Although it kind of varies per lipstick shade with Styletto being the most opaque. As someone who's essentially used to just using matte lipsticks, it was quite strange using these as they have a glossy finish, it's definitely something that'll take some getting used to. You will definitely need to exfoliate and moisturise your lips if they're dry before you use these as well.

All of the lipsticks vary in terms of durability. They all generally wear off between 3.5 - 4 hours and for a glossy lipstick, it seems pretty standard. In all honesty it could probably be extended by using a lip primer. Overall, I had no problems at all with Coquette, nor to a certain degree with Styletto and Babette. However Great Pink Planet's effect seems to wear off quickly, it's still there overall but it'll seep in to the cracks of your lips making your lips look somewhat distorted. That could be an individual problem though.

Colors from L-R:
Coquette, Babette, Great Pink Planet and Styletto

Top Row: Coquette, Babette
Bottom Row: Great Pink Planet, Styletto

Coquette is described as a pale, peachy nude. I'm really unsure if I like it or if it makes me look like a Gurango girl wannabe. On camera and normal lighting it's fine but in darker lighting (or lack of lighting) it really sticks out, it's super pale compared to my skin and I worry it looks ridiculous on me. I think ultimately I'll have to just ask somebody else if it's just in my head or if it actually does look normal.

Babette is a pinker version of Coquette, a pastel coral. This shade...I basically just bought it because it was a new one. I will make sure I never do this again. It's not that I don't like it, it's just not an especially crazy color and is too similar to Coquette. Maybe in time it'll be one of those lipsticks that I appreciate more but for now, I want strange experimental colors!

Great Pink Planet is decribed by Lime Crime as a pastel pink with a neon tote, like strawberry milkshake. Now, I was expecting a pastel pink shade but I had no idea it had a neon edge to it at all. It looks so crazy! I found it settled in the cracks of my lips  which ultimately altered the way it looked after say an hour of wear. I think out of all 4 this is definitely the o god what was I thinking shade for me. It does not suit my skin nor my personality. I'll probably play around with it a little first, but if ultimately I dislike it, it'll probably end up in a blog sale.

Styletto is a glossy, opaque black. I love this shade. I think it could last for more than 4 hours but the thing with Styletto is, it transfers and I'm not going to starve and dehydrate myself to test it out. Don't wear this if you're having a meal, you'll just end up getting lipstick all over your face or even be eating it mixed in with your food. I do think if you're going to wear a black lipstick, you should be prepared for reapplying anyway.

Overall: I regret not buying more 'outrageous' colors. I regret rushing in to quickly purchase Babette just because it was new. It's a little too similar to Coquette for me. Styletto is a definite keeper. I like the way Coquette looks on me in natural daylight, it looks like a lovely nude but am concerned that in all other lighting I look silly. I'll probably pick up a few other 'odd' shades before saying whether I like these or love these. I feel kind of impartial to them for now, aside for Styletto, which I love. Ultimately, I'm glad I only bought a few rather than bought them all as I was originally tempted to do.

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August 23, 2013

Missing out on the Ariel Sephora Palette

This post only really exists because of the image above (source), I just had to use it but I thought I'd talk about me passing up on an Ariel Storylook Palette from Sephora and throw in an Ariel (ish) inspired look of the day too. So to start off with, I was really looking forward to the Ariel collection out of all three of the ones released by Sephora, I don't know why I, along with many other girls, have this strange obsession with the red-headed mermaid. When the palette finally released though, I was underwhelmed with the collection. Polishes weren't by O.P.I, beautifully colored glosses with barely any pigmentation and a huge palette with many boring colors and no bright red eyeshadow. 

Don't get me wrong, the packaging is beautiful and...that's about it. The original retail price is $55 which is roughly £35 but as I'm here in the UK, I'd have to pay over £55 to purchase it, for my US readers that's over $85. The lovely Rose from Roses beauty store had received one and offered it to me for £60 but declined apologetically, saying I wasn't going to go for it, let someone else who's really keen on it have their fun. It's just too much money for me to pay as I know that I'm not going to get much use out of it, I'd honestly just be buying it for the packaging. Now, don't get me wrong, this isn't me saying don't go and buy it, this isn't me judging everyone else out there for buying it either, this is just me saying why I didn't, that is all. It's a great collectors item and I'm pretty sure many other people out there will and can get much more use out of it. To further understand my case, I'd recommend you watch or read Vintage or Tacky's review on the palette as she nailed it perfectly. For my UK readers who are desperate for anything from the Ariel collection, do keep an eye out on Roses Beauty store, as it's still cheaper than buying it from Ebay.

So onto my look of the day with my personal pet peeve, self shots (you gotta do what you gotta do eh?). It's kind of Ariel(ish) inspired but in a more subtle way. Essentially I just took the greens from her mertail and threw on a red wig to make it more Ariel like. If I really wanted to be truer to the character, I would have gone for red lips, black eyeliner with blue contacts or used a purple and green eyeshadow combination. Since both of those have been done before, I thought I'd simplify things by sticking to green shadows. That said, this look definitely suits my natural hair much better. I find bright hair/wigs suit neutral colored makeup and it's much easier to get away with crazy colored eye makeup with your natural hair but for the sake of the theme, I used my Geisha Wigs wig, in Fire.

Products Used
Urban Decay Primer Potion
NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk
Sugarpill pressed powder in Acidberry
Sugarpill Loose Eyeshadow in Darling
Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner pencil in Deep End
Illamasqua Sophie Pencil
Lime Crime Uniliner in Quill
Vitage cosmetics Spiced Coffee Eye Color
Illamasqua Lipstick in Test
Illamasqua Powder Blusher in Ambition
Illamasqua Skin Base Lift, Skin Base Foundation 10
Illamasqua Powder Foundation 200, Hydra Veil
Geisha Wigs in Fire

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August 21, 2013

Sleek Makeup Matte Me Review

A few months ago, I tried out my very first long lasting matte liquid lipstick, ever since then, I've suddenly noticed quite a few other brands also have similar products. The trend is definitely spreading as Sleek has launched 6 new matte me liquid lipsticks in Brink Pink, Party Pink, Petal, Rioja Red, Birthday Suit and Fandango Purple. The liquid lipsticks are set to release in Superdrug on August 28th, but you can purchase these already on their official website for £4.99 each.

"Matte Me is a matte finish liquid lipstick that glides on in one smooth application, with no need for a second coat." -

I'll be honest with you, it's not as simple as one smooth swipe. You'll have to make sure it gets into any cracks and will definitely need to apply a second layer at the very least. Moisturising with a balm a couple of minutes beforehand does make the process a little easier. Either way, once it's on, it's definitely worth it as it lasts for ages!

In terms of packaging, when I saw the photos online I felt very meh about it but when I received them they grew on me. The packaging was just so...sleek. The only thing that doesn't make me absolutely love the packaging is the font on the glass tube that says 'matte me', I feel like it cheapens the overall look. Aside from that, the packaging has grown on me. The three shades that I bought and swatched are Fandango Purple, Petal and Birthday Suit. 

Fandango Purple is a bright fuschia purple.
Petal is a pale pastel pink.
Birthday Suit is a classic wearable nude.

 Out of these three, Petal is the one I got along the least with and I'm usually terrified of bright lips on myself. Aside from the fact that it just looked a little too Barbie on myself, it was a pain to apply. The other three shades in the range that I didn't purchase are a bright pink, a coral shade and a classic red. My favorite out of all three is definitely Fandango Purple, even though its a bit more pink than I had imagined, I was genuinely expecting a bright purple. I feel like my camera may have made the color brighter than it actually is though as my skin isn't that pale and it looked dark in the mirror. I took quite a few photos but it turned out looking super bright in each of them even though it's not actually that neon. (Camera y u do this to me?) Nonetheless, the fuchsia edge on it definitely makes it wearable.

What makes me love this product though? How long it lasts. It's very similar to Lime Crime's velvetines (but cheaper, and more product!). If you have a meal you'll still get the same strange weird line in the middle of your lips (link), you can probably get away with it with Birthday Suit but for Fandango Purple you'll definitely need to reapply. So essentially, if you were to starve yourself all day it would easily last at least 8 hours. I find even if I shower it won't completely disappear as well, you'll definitely have to use makeup remover.

Overall: If you've never tried a matte liquid lipstick, I'd definitely recommend you try these out (maybe not petal) as they're pretty affordable. Opt for a more outrageous shade as these seem to apply easier, make sure to use a lip liner, I used red for the fuchsia one and it worked out fine.

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August 18, 2013

Illamasqua's Sacred Hour Collection

If there was a single brand whose makeup I'd love to own everything of, it'd be Illamasqua. The new collection, Sacred Hour is inspired by two pivotal times of the day, dawn and dusk and is set to release on Monday the 19th of August (tomorrow) but has had an early exclusive release in Selfridges stores in the UK. The collection consists of the Reflection palette, two nail polishes, one of which was previously limited edition, a new lipstick shade, two velvet blushers, new concealer Skin Base Lift and a pair of false lashes that were designed by one of the lovely Illamasqua girls.

The collection as a whole is definitely one of the safer ones, there aren't any outrageous shades in this, no bright purple or teal lipsticks, so it may not appeal too much to fellow unicorns. That said, it's definitely a super practical collection. I was oh so very tempted to purchase the Reflection palette, which has the same not quite cream not quite powder texture as the paranormal palette did but I figured I'll probably not get much use from it as I already own so many shadows. In the end I decided to pick up three items, a skin base lift, a velvet blusher and the new lipstick shade, shard.

Skin Base Lift in Medium 2 (£16)
Illamasqua's brand new product, Skin Base Lift, is designed to 'reawaken' your eyes. It was specifically formulated to work with their Hydra Veil primer and Skin Base Foundation. They come in 7 different shades which match specifically with certain skin base shades. You can apply this using your hand or with a brush. I love how lightweight it feels when applied, even when you build up for coverage. I find myself reaching for this if I leave the house with no foundation, just because it does such a good job brightening away my dark eyes and I can easily apply it with my (clean) fingers. That said, it's not perfect, I find that it sort of cakes around my under eye lines, I'm sure there's a way to fix that problem, but I haven't figured it out yet.

Velvet Blusher in Sleek (£18)
The new collection has launched two blushers (sleek and peaked) of an entirely new finish, they've called it a velvet blusher. I'm not sure how to describe it, it seems like a dense cream blusher, making it far less messy than their cream blushers which is a massive plus in my opinion. This is another product you can slap on your face using your fingers and blending out with your thumbs leaving a matte finish. If you use your fingers do be careful though as it is super pigmented and a little definitely goes a long way. A brush doesn't pick up too much product which is great for a more natural glow. The fact that it's not messy and lasts a full working day is what makes this a product that I'd definitely repurchase. I hope I'll be seeing new shades in the future.

Lipstick in Shard (£16.50)
Last but not least is, what I would consider, after the reflection palette, the main feature of the collection. The new lipstick in Shard. It may not be as extreme as their ESP lipstick from their summer collection but it is still a gorgeous color and one that I definitely think is more universally flattering. The color does seem to look different depending on whoever is wearing it, Illamasqua describes it as a red violet shade, it does have a dark berry type feel to it. I apologise for my swatch not being great, it can only ever be as good as the lighting and unfortunately it's been rather gloomy weather lately. I do plan on getting some decent swatches of my full Illamasqua lipstick range at some point though so do look out for that. The formula is not forgiving for those of us with dry lips so I'd definitely recommend you exfoliate and apply lip balm. As it's a rather dark color, it'd be a good idea to use a lip liner of some sort too, I find my red lipliner works fine. The lipstick, like all other Illamasqua lipsticks are super longlasting as well.

Have you picked up anything from the Sacred Hour collection? Anything caught your interest? Let me know in the comments section below!

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August 16, 2013

Does Baby Lips live up to the hype?

Hey guys! So a while ago I did a review on whether or not I thought the much raved Apocalips by Rimmel lived up to the hype surrounding it. As people have been raving about Maybelline's Baby Lips and it's been sold out in so many places, I basically thought I'd see what the fuss was all about and see it has managed to live up to all of the hype. Six varieties have launched in the UK but I'm fairly sure there are many more types in the states. I ended up picking up three as there was a 3 for 2 offer. After much ooh-ing and ah-ing I finally decided to pick peach kiss (purple), hydrate (blue) and mint fresh (green).

Let's get the first thing out of the way, the packaging, I love it and I'm pretty sure this combined with it's affordability is the main reason it's so popular. The fact that there are different colors just adds to my lust for them. The unicorn deep down inside me wanted to buy all 6 of them but ultimately I decided against it. These balms definitely take me back to my Lipsmacker filled preteen years.

There are essentially two types of baby lip balms, tinted and SPF balms. I only purchased one of the tinted ones as I wasn't especially keen on the pink or red shades because if I wanted a red of pink lip, I would just use lipstick for full coverage rather than a tint. That said, I have naturally dark lips so the tint from Peach Kiss did little to nothing for me, I wouldn't personally wear just this on my lips. If you have lighter colored lips though you might find that it works better on you. That said I did feel as though the tinted ones moisturised my lips for longer than the other ones with SPF did. 

Hydrate and Mint Fresh both have SPF 20. Hydrate claims to...hydrate your lips better and mint fresh as you can guess leaves a lovely mint feel to your lips. I personally expected to prefer these ones to the tinted ones but I feel like Hydrate doesn't especially hydrate your lips any more than Mint Fresh does and to top it all off Peach Kiss felt like it lasted on my lips longer than these two did. 

Maybelline claims that these last 8 hours on the lips but in all honesty, I'd say the balm wears off in 2-3 hours. After 7 days of wear, these did help improve the state of my lips but my lips still aren't perfect. They still feel a little rough but considering how they've been flaking a lot, I'll take it. If you manage to be lucky enough to find it in a Superdrug or Boots store, you can purchase one of these for £3. Last I checked, the two chains  have a 3 for 2 offer on the full Maybelline range as well.

Overall: It's an affordable lip balm and the packaging is cute. It's not revolutionary, it doesn't even moisturise the lips for the full 8 hours that it claims to do on the packaging. I don't think it warrants the amount of hype that surrounds it but...cute packaging?

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August 14, 2013


Three weeks ago today, I, along with many other bloggers, was invited to VintSetFest at the custard factory in Birmingham. I'm not personally into the vintage style although I do think it looks pretty, I'm just not sure it suits me nor my personality very much. Nonetheless, I went down to meet up with others and see what was going on at the abandoned factory. This is a rather picture heavy post so check out what went on after the jump!
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August 11, 2013

The Sophie Lancaster Foundation

I think it's fairly obvious that I have a slight makeup addiction and Illamasqua is definitely one of my favorite brands. Combine all that with my rather extreme music taste and the fact that I'm sadly not at Bloodstock today (the festival has named one of their stages after her) I think it makes perfect sense for me to discuss the Sophie Lancaster Foundation. Today marks the 6 year anniversary of the attack on Sophie Lancaster which ultimately ended her life.

Illamasqua is a makeup brand that's rather political, at least, as far as makeup brands go. They've done a lot of work with the LGBT community and are outright against animal testing. To top it all off, they also have a dedicated page to support the Sophie Lancaster Foundation on their site where one can simply donate to the charity or buy a few items whose price partly goes to the charity. You can purchase a S.O.P.H.I.E (Stamp Out Prejudice Hatred & Intolerance Everywhere) wristband for £2 on their site and the full amount goes to the charity.

Their Sophie pencil retails for £13 and only £3 goes to the charity. Admittedly, the first time I purchased my sophie pencil, I had no idea that part of my money was going to such a great cause. I do love the pencil, the super soft formula allows it to be super versatile and can be used all over the face. I've used it as a lipliner for whenever I've decided to wear black lips and as basic eyeliner. It's one of the few pencils that I can line my waterline with that doesn't irritate me. For the professionals, it's great for makeup body art too. It is currently the only eyeliner I own that I have repurchased.

I'm unsure as to whether any of the money from the Sophie Blusher (£18) also goes to the charity but as it is listed on the page, one would assume so but don't be angry with me it turns out I'm wrong. The blush is a relatively new shade and was only introduced to the line at the end of last year. It is a beautiful golden coral blush with silver and is, like the rest of Illamasqua's blushers, super pigmented. I didn't apply it on especially heavily in the photos so it's not especially easy to see in the photos.

The incident happened before attending university, so I wasn't in the UK at the time, but even then all the way in the middle east, I had heard of the incident. Admittedly, not through the local papers but online and through the local alternative kids. I had been teased a bit in high school being called a dirty mosher but it never truely bothered me as I loved the music and still do of course but nonetheless I just thought it so shocking that somebody had died because of their individuality.

Although there hasn't been an official law nationwide about classing any assaults on people belonging to any sort of subculture as a hate crime, there has been some progress. The Greater Manchester police crew have officially declared in April that they would officially begin to record any offences committed against alternative people as hate crimes. Six years on and although it is a step in the right direction, I am surprised it has taken so long for change to happen in only one part in the UK. I can appreciate that not all crimes done on an alternative person may specifically be because of the way they look but it's clear that the incident was one.

Disclaimer: This post was written to inform and open discussion rather than persuade donations, all goods were bought from my own money.

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August 07, 2013

Sinful Colors Glitter Nail Enamel Polishes

Sinful Colors is a nail polish brand I had heard about quite a few years ago thanks to a lot of American nail art bloggers. I believe that they've only been introduced to the UK a few months ago, if not, then they've only recently been at Boots at the very least. The entire range boasts 70 shades with various finishes including creams, pearls, glitter, shimmer and matte. Sinful Colors only have 9 glitter finishes and it turns out the only 4 that I own are all glitter finishes.
Shades from left to right (2-3 coats):
1102 Kissy, 932 Call You Later, 927 Nail Junkie, 923 Queen of Beauty
"Color you crave at the price you love." -

I'm quite certain that this is the main reason why these are so popular. There's a huge range of colors and finishes with each polish retailing for only £1.99, making these without a doubt the cheapest nail polishes I own.

Out of all four, I was disappointed with Kissy as I was expecting more sparkle. I don't really understand why it's classed as glitter as it seems more shimmery to me. It's reasonably opaque as well so I would not recommend any layering over other colors.

Call You Later and Queen of Beauty are similar with each other, where they're great for applying over a base color of your choice. Call You Later is a light green with both big and tiny glitter particles while Queen of Beauty only has tiny particles all of the same size.

Nail Junkie is my personal favorite out of all four. It seems a lot darker in the bottle compared to when it was swatched which was a lovely surprise. The color is relatively opaque, so you really need to layer the polish on but the finish is gorgeous. I didn't experience any chipping with these glitter polishes, if anything it's really difficult to get these to come off.

Overall, I have to agree with the brands' slogan, at £1.99 these are both affordable and decent quality!

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August 04, 2013

Collective July Haul

Hey guys so as we've reached the end of another month, I thought I'd give you a little peak into recent purchases I've made. July has been full of so many sales so my haul is definitely bigger than usual but luckily without a heavy price tag. Don't expect a collective haul for August though as I don't think I'd be buying much beauty related stuff this month.

I recently attended a bloggers event at the Custard Factory called VintSetFest. Expect a post sometime this week on it, the only reason I haven't published it yet was because I was hoping to receive photos of us bloggers at the event by now but seems like I'm going to have to continue waiting for a bit. Anyway, Macadamia Natural Oil, who I've recently reviewed, had a stall set up and I just had to make a purchase as everything was discounted and I loved their products! Sadly all of their hair masks had sold out but the lovely lady managing the stall gave me a whole bunch of samples to keep my going for a bit. I did purchase their travel kit for £10 and their biggest size bottle of their healing oil treatment for £10 (normally retails for over £20). I'm currently undecided as to whether I should actually save the travel kit for actual travel or if I should just go for it.

Another hair product! Beautybay had these Tangle Teezers on sale and it was a highly recommended wigcare product. However, I was discussing this with a few other bloggers and apparently it's quite popular just for brushing actual hair? It's honestly news to me and I had never heard of it before, I suppose it's mostly due to it apparently being a British thing. I was surprised to find that it even had a patent on it! I chose Disco Purple, because purple!

I didn't really purchase these. Essentially, me and the boyfriend had a date in town and we happened to come across the Benefayre. Although he was incredibly scared of all the pink, we went in and played a few games. He won me the beautiful mirror, I was genuinely surprised by it's quality, I love how it's not just one you flip open like a book but it functions as a decent stand. It strikes me as the kind of thing I'd take if I were to go camping at a festival or just travelling somewhere.

Illamasqua Blushers! I've only ever previously owned one and that was Ambition and I've almost finished the entire pan. I've been meaning to try out a different one and thanks to the Illamasqua summer sale I managed to grab three for ridiculously low prices. Shades are from left to right, Lover, Sophie and Seduce. The first two are powder blushers and Seduce is a cream blusher, my very first one as well. I'm kind of intimidated by it as I've never used one before.

Many eye related products!

Concrete Minerals Eyeshadows - I've had my eye on this indie band for a fair few months. I'm quite picky with what indie makeup companies I'd actually spend money on and this one was definitely one that I knew I would invest in. When they announced their 4th of July sale, I knew I had to get in on it. I ordered a few singles along with their Blackest Black eyeshadow stack.

Illamasqua Pure Pigment in Zeitgeist - Another item from the Illamasqua sale, I had swatched this in store a while ago and it seemed super black. After some recent swatching, I realised that it is in fact the blackest pigment I currently own.

Lime Crime Uniliners in 6th Element, Orchidaceous & Citreuse - A few months ago I managed to pick up four of these uniliners and I genuinely do love them so I thought I'd add a few more shades to the collection. I really want to also pick up Lazuli which is a sort of electric blue shade.

Sugarpill Pressed Eyeshadow in @#$%! - (not pictured) I realised I forgot to put this in with the photos a little to late but I managed to pick up a limited edition Sugarpill shade and I love the new shimmer formula. I'm really hoping we'll be seeing future pressed shadows with a similar formula too.

More Lime Crime candyfuture lipsticks after purchasing two last month. I wanted to try out their new shade, Babette and compare it to Coquette. I also purchased Great Pink Planet as it's one of those shades that just seems to sell out quite frequently and I've seen some decent swatches of it, I'm just unsure as to whether I'll be able to pull off a lipstick so pink!

I've already come quite close to finishing up my tube of Benefit's fake up. Admittedly, I was suffering from dry skin around my eyes so I ended up applying a lot more than usual but have been using less whenever I apply it now. Either way, I picked this up new from Terri's blog sale.

I've had my eye on Barry M's Hi-Shine range for a while and since Superdrug had a 3 for 2 offer across all nails, I thought now was as good a time as any to finally get my hands on a few. I picked up Key Lime, Guava and Blue Grape. I'm mostly excited about Blue Grape as it just seems like such a bright royal blue. I'm hoping it'll deliver.

Yet another Illamasqua summer sale item. Viridian is a lovely dark peacock green with metallic finish. This was listed in my Emerald Green makeup post and was probably the emerald nail polish I was lusting after the most as the price had dropped down to £5, I thought it would be silly not to go for it.

Last but not least, I picked up my very first lip primer, Urban Decay's Lip Primer Potion! I know there's a cheaper alternative which is essentially just apply concealer on your lips before applying whichever lipstick but I wanted to see whether using a lip primer would do much especially as I know eye primers make such a big difference with some eyeshadows. Look forward to a review of this but only after I've really tried it out.

I don't wear heels often, they're just so...inefficient. However, I can't deny that I have been lusting after the Jeffrey Campbell Lita style shoes for well over a year now. Luckily, I happened upon Helen from Lovecatsinc's blog sale where she had a pair of mock Campbells in my size. So it was definitely a no-brainer. I don't know if Lita's been comfortable to wear was a lie or if I'm just majorly out of practice with wearing heels. That said, anytime I wear these, I get loads of compliments on how awesome they are.

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August 02, 2013

Top 3 Sparkly Black Pigments

Another post different to what I normally would do. I've been playing around the idea of doing 'best of' or 'top' posts which would essentially just be my personal favorite products that I've tried out myself and maybe it might influence a reader or two to check out a certain product. So I thought I'd start off with my favorite black pigments with sparkle. Why the sparkle? Because I am quite the magpie with my attraction to glitter. Since I don't own that many black pigments, I figured I'd limit it to three.

Illamasqua Pure Pigment in Zeitgeist
"Made to be played with. A metallic, high-shine, pure-colour powder that highlights eyes, cheeks and brows. Mix with eye shadow, blusher or use it on its own to intense effect. Bring out your bold side." -

So first up and my personal favorite is Illamasqua's Pure Pigment in Zeitgeist. I've reviewed my full collection in the past but this wasn't in there as I only bought this recently and fell in love with it. Why? you ask, because this is the truest and darkest black out of all of the pigments I've tried out yet. Illamasqua doesn't brag about it though, they simply describe it as a Dark Shimmer.

The pot costs £16.50. It's expensive and on top of that you get only 1.3g as well for this product (So the price per 10g is a whopping £119.23). That being said, this was just on sale recently for only £5 on the Illamasqua summer sale which definitely made it a bargain!

Concrete Minerals Mineral Shadow in Sabotage
"Black with pink sparkle and sheen. Not your ordinary black! This dark beauty is hiding bursts of hot pink in its depths!" -

Next up, we have indie brand Concrete Minerals with Sabotage. I have to admit it was a difficult choice between this or Black Metal which is simply black with silver sparkle but I definitely prefer Sabotage over it only because it's more unique with the pink sparkle. I'm not a fan of pink but pair it with black and apparently I'm a sucker for it. I'd like to imagine this is what Zeitgeist would look like if it was mixed with Illamasqua's pigment in Static.

This sells for a much more reasonable price of $7 on the Concrete Minerals official website, making it a little less than £5. If you're in the UK and dislike waiting a long time for your post, it is available on for £6. You get 1.5g of product as well which definitely makes it a cheaper alternative to Illamasqua.

Sugarpill Loose Eyeshadow in Stella
"The blackest of jet blacks, bursting with rainbow diamond sparkle" -

Last but not least, is Sugarpill's Stella. They advertise Stella as being the blackest of all blacks but when you compare it to Illamasqua's Zeitgeist, it is not as black in my opinion. So why is this still on my list? Because of all that sparkle. Stella is without a doubt the most shiny of them all. If you're looking for lots of sparkle, this is definitely the choice for you.

Sugarpill is without a doubt the most generous option out of them all with 5g of product selling for $12 (£8) at Sugarpill's official store. If you're in the UK though, love-makeup is currently selling their pigments for £6.50 as opposed to their usual price tag of £8.50.

I just thought I'd leave photos up of the three next to each other along with swatches so you could see the differences in packaging. You can see from the swatches that Zeitgeist really is the blackest one of the three and Concrete Minerals' Sabotage pink sparkle really is glorious.

Have you tried any of these? Do you have a favorite black pigment? Let me know below!

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