July 01, 2013

Illamasqua Raindrops Polishes

Hey guys! So sometime last month Illamasqua had a buy one nail polish get the 2nd 50% off on their site. As the full retail price for one is £14.50, the price per bottle ended up being less than £10 (They offer a 10% discount from your 3rd order onwards). I thought I'd try out both of their raindrops colors, the original and the pink raindrops, which was released after Illamasqua hit 100,000 facebook fans earlier this year. The shade has been pretty hyped up but I can't say I especially cared for it as I don't find pink nails particularly exciting. In the end, the collector in me made me purchase these two.

Raindrops is a sheer light grey with what I wouldn't call glitter but shiny particles. I can't really describe the polish itself well as it's not glittery but still shiny anyway. I'd definitely say you'd have to apply 2/3 coats, 2 if you're lazy but definitely 3 for perfect/full coverage.

Pink Raindrops is described as a cool pink, it has the same kind of shininess to the original raindrops. I find that it's not true to the bottle though as once applied it has less shininess to it. However, I found that this gave decent coverage with one coat but applied the second as it was still somewhat sheer under bright light.

Which do I prefer?
Even though pink raindrops had better coverage, I just don't think I'll ever find a pink nail polish I'll especially love? Pink eyeshadow or lipstick is fine with me but there's just something about pink on my nails that makes me constantly think meh (unless it's in small doses in nail art). Personally, the pink raindrops is a miss for me but I can't say I regret buying it as I'm quite happy to add more to my collection. The grey nails are definitely something new to me as grey isn't a color I would have previously considered wearing but I definitely feel as though the original raindrops trumps over it's sequel.

I wish I could stop posting new Illamasqua items frequently but I am defintiely addicted to the brand. On top of it all they're constantly putting up offers lately so I'm just more and more tempted to give them all of my money. I've been meaning to try out some other makeup brands but Illamasqua now has a summer sale on that keeps calling me! XD

Which of these two nail polishes do you prefer? What are your thoughts on the pink raindrops?