July 25, 2013

Concrete Minerals The Blackest Black Set

Carrying on from my last post, today I'll be reviewing the second half of my recent haul from Concrete Minerals which is essentially just the blackest black stack collection. The brand sells 3 different stacks, the Blackest Black, which is great for dark smokey eye type looks, the Rainbow Bright set, which actually contains all of the colors of the rainbow and Nudie-Pie which offers a range of neutral shades. Out of all three, the Blackest Black collection is the one that appealed to me the most and I had my eye on it for ages, so when Concrete Minerals announced their discount code, I instantly had to grab it for myself.

"Introducing color stacks! 7 luxurious Mineral Eyeshadows, expertly-paired in 3 unique collections! Whether you're a warm neutrals kinda-gal, bright, bold and beautiful unicorn queen, or you're seeking you're eternally seeking that perfect smokey eye, the BEST of the best is crammed into these fun tubes of wonder!" - concreteminerals.com

Whilst the eyeshadows were all packed up, you couldn't see much difference between the shades, but once you've opened them all up you could tell easily that the collection wasn't just full of the same black shade.

A single color stack has 7 shadows which sells for $40 (over £26) so you get each shadow for less than £4 each which is great! Especially considering how you can only purchase a select few shades in the UK at cutecosmetics.co.uk for £6 each.

Colors from L-R: Sabotage, Seance, Souljourner, Kinky, Nocturne, Ether & Black Metal

Sabotage is a black with pink sparkle and sheen. This is also one of the only three non vegan shades in the entire range. It seems pinky black but is essentially just black with pink glitter.

Seance is a beautiful deep purple with lavender sheen. I love purple, I love black, put the two together and you get this super awesome shade. Definitely going to be one of my favorite all time colors!

Souljourner is a midnight blue with copper sparkle. Cool factoid: this shade was inspired be prog-rock band Souljourners!

Kinky is a black based teal shade with rainbow sparkle. This was one of the main reasons I bought this collection, swatches of this shade just seemed so pretty, I had to make it mine!

Nocturne is a deep sparkling moss green with silver sparkle. I definitely don't own anything like this shade. It's super unique and definitely has a swamp like vibe to it.

Ether is described as a gunmetal silver. I've yet to try the grey/silver type smokey eye that's quite popular, but I think with this new shade I'll definitely be giving it a go.

Black Metal is a black shade with silver sparkle, a name that really suits the color. I especially love how the name was actually named after the grim metal subgenre from Norway!

Compared to the other shadows I had bought, I defintiely felt as though all the shades in the set applied easier, I'd imagine it would be due to their darker nature.

All in all, no regrets! This set is super pigmented and provides a beautiful range of unique black based shades that you can easily get a lot of use out of.