June 19, 2013

Smooch Cosmetics Lipsticks Swatches & Review

Smooch Cosmetics is a brand I had never heard of up until the BrumBloggerMeet. They are a relatively new brand that launched in 2011. The concept behind the brand is "cosmetics with sex appeal". The idea was to create a lust worthy cosmetics brand that is saucy and sexy without being salacious. Their product packaging was inspired by a drawer of lingerie, hence the lace designs on the packaging.

Let me get my grievances out of the way first. Sweet Tooth is a beautiful pastel pink color that I assumed I would love. When I first received it, I had a quick hand swatch and loved the color however once I applied it to my lips, it was so sheer and gave practically no coverage. However, recently, I found it applied much easier and actually had color to it! Essentially I think the hot summer months have made easier to use. Honestly, I thought it was super strange how when it came to the time of actually reviewing these, they decided to behave. It's still not a particularly opaque formula though which disappoints me. After checking out their website though, I found that the site described the shade as 'A pastel pink lipstick which will provide a natural sheer tint to the lips', so as it's advertised I suppose it is my own fault for assuming it would be opaque.

Naughty on the other hand was a pleasant surprise. It is a brown shade so when I saw it I immediately thought MEH but one day when I finally decided to try it on I found I actually quite liked the color, it makes for a decent neutral color especially for when you've gone a little crazy with the eye makeup. Naughty is described as 'a long lasting, paprika brown that will add a touch of sophistication to any outfit'. It is much more opaque but still has a sort of shine to it, I'm guessing it's a satin finish.

In terms of durability, these aren't especially long lasting but their staying power is better than some drugstore brands I've recently tried out. I'd say you definitely have to retouch after eating as the majority of the color will have faded. The lipstick lasts for roughly 4 hours, but even then there'd still be a hint of the lipstick left. The lipstick definitely could use some touching up before the 4 hours are done.

All in all, the brand have introduced 7 new shades to their lipstick line which should be worth checking out. I think a problem with their site though is that they don't have swatches up so do read up on their descriptions if you decide to purchase any of them as some shades may seem like one color but it actually applied differently.

You can buy a Smooch Cosmetics lipstick for £7.50 on their website. The price is pretty reasonable considering how their are a few drugstore lipsticks that retail for a little higher than that.