June 21, 2013

Lime Crime Les Desserts D'Antoinette Nail Polish Swatches

Hey guys! So ever since Lime Crime released these nail polishes, I've had my eye on them but put it off purchasing them at the time. Later on, the lime crime website announced that they would no longer ship their polishes outside of the U.S. which was jarring. Luckily enough though, I found an ebay listing that would ship to the UK, and I now finally own the collection! I was super excited and went straight away went to swatching! This post is kinda picture heavy, so you'll have to click onwards to have a closer look at swatches and first impression comments on each shade.

Look at that packaging. How cute is it? Unicorns and rainbows colors, I don't know why I'm super attracted to such girly things some times. Aside from the fact that the outer casing was a little bashed up, they managed to arrive safely. When I opened these, I was super surprised by how tiny they were! I didn't realise they had only 9 ml of product per bottle. I wasn't fussed about it though, just surprised.

Milky Ways
I love the name to this, I'd like to think it's named after the chocolate filling in Milky Way chocolates. Lime crime describes Milky Ways as a warm, watery off-white. The description is pretty accurate, I'd describe it as cream off white, don't know about the watery bit as it seemed thick enough. I'd say for full opacity you should have between 2-3 coats depending on how thick you apply it.

Crema de Limon
Crema de Limon is described as a creamy, pastel yellow. I don't consider it pastel personally as it's surprisingly bright. It is a pretty yellow and to be honest, I don't really own many yellow nail polishes aside from one super neon bright one that I haven't had much use of. This is a yellow I could see myself wearing at some point though for sure. Yet again, I had to apply 3 coats for full opacitaty with this shade as well.

Peaches & Cream
Peaches & Cream is described as a neon peach which is a fair description I guess. I prefer to think of it as a pastel neon orange shade. I found it difficult to capture it's true color on camera as it looks super pastel in natural light but does look slightly neon in real life. I'm not really sure what I'd wear with this with but the color is super unique. In terms of full opacity, yet again, I'd say 2/3 coats for full opacity.

Parfait Day
Parfait Day is described as a vibrant, pastel pink reminiscent of a strawberry milk shake from your favorite diner. Personally? This kind of reminds me of a Barbie pink...or maybe all pinks just remind me of Barbie. I'm not usually a fan of pink nails and it's definitely a color I don't wear much if at all. It would be my luck that out of all 7 shades in this collection, this is one of the colors that you can get practically full coverage in one coat.

Lavendairy is described as a pastel lilac. Personally, I think pastel lilacs would be much lighter. I'd call this a mediumish purple. It's a lovely purple and it is without a doubt one of my favorite shades out of the full collection. Guess what else? It gave super opaque coverage with just one full coat.

Once in a blue Mousse
Lime Crime described this as a Robin's egg blue, a color fit for a princess. I think out of all 7 shades it's not particularly special, it's just another pastel blue, which sure is a pretty color but you could easily come across a dupe of this or might even own one already if you're into pastels. It gave a very good amount of coverage in one coat but needed the 2nd coat for full opaqueness.

Out of all seven shades, this one was the first one I ended up reaching out for. Lime Crime describes this polish as a neon lime green. I'd describe the shade as a slightly muted neon green shade. I've added photos with it in flash so you can kinda see the neon bit better it doesn't really photo so great under natural lighting. You can probably achieve full opacity with 2 coats, but my thumb needed a 3rd coat for perfection, so I'd say 2/3 coats.

Maybe in a couple of month's time, I'll put up a slightly more indepth post saying how much they do or don't chip. I haven't had any issues though as I have a pretty hardcore top coat that does a good job of preventing such things. If you're wondering where to buy these and you're here in the UK, sadly the ebay listing that I used has disappeared and there have been newer more expensive listings put up instead. Don't worry though, there is a Canadian website, Harlow&Co that should be restocking their collection within the next 24 hours. So if you're interested in these, do check it out there (remember it's all in canadian dollars there). US citizens are luckier and can get theirs with less hassle over at the original Lime Crime website.

Have you tried anything by Lime Crime? Maybe these polishes? What are your thoughts?


  1. I really want the white, green and purple ones!

    1. The purple shade is quite pretty ^^ I'd definitely say those are my favorite colors too ^^

  2. I want them so badly They are so beautiful

    1. I know right? This is how I felt over a year ago when they first released XD