June 04, 2013

Dr.Hauschka Powder Duo Review

Hey guys! I have another review on something I received at the BrumBloggerMeet. Almost at the end of most of it I think. So yeah, anyway, today I present to you all a brand I had never heard of, Dr.Hauschka. I was surprised to find that it's considered a somewhat high end brand I believe. At the very least, that's the impression I get as the few places I know you can purchase items from this brand is from places like Harvey Nichols and John Lewis.

So here's a little bit of background information on the brand. It originated from Germany and according to wiki, the founder is linked to a mass murdering German. I'm not entirely sure what that means unfortunately, my source was Wiki so it's always possible that's not true. Either way, he's long gone now as he passed away back in the late 60s.

"A handy powder compact to complete the Warm Summer Breeze range of products. Contains two powder duos in complementary warm tones to give a natural glow of sun on light warm complexions. Also contains mirror and generously sized powder brush" - harveynichols.com

Now the Summer Breeze collection came out back in 2011 I believe, so I'm guessing we were given these because they had excess stock even though this is now discontinued but I found the brands history far too interesting not to write about it.

The powder itself is quite decent. What I love the most is the moment you do apply the product, you're suddenly hit with a strange but beautiful scent. I'm not sure what the smell itself is though but it genuinely smells lovely.

As I am a woman of color, I could easily use the right shade all over my face. The one on the left was a bit dark though but I suppose if I ever tan it'll be handy. I may try and use it on my cheeks as a bronzer I guess. The powder duo is priced at £33, which is pretty pricey. As I said it is discontinued and I can understand why. To be fair though, it comes with 15g of product, the brush is quite big and extremely soft. On top of it all, the mirror is huge and one that I could actually use as powder compacts with mirrors are usually pathetically small.

Although I like the product itself for it's quality and performance I have to say for something that is so expensive and from a skin care company, the fact that it has Talc listed as it's first ingredient is concerning? I don't know the specifics, but Talc definitely has a questionable reputation. Either way, the packaging still says that it is free of synthetic preservatives and scents.


  1. Yikes, the price is a bit steep. Is it good enough to be that expensive?

    Great post :)



    1. To be honest, I personally wouldn't ever spend that much amount of money on powder. That being said this is discontinued and I assume that their new powders are much cheaper.