June 07, 2013

Disney Jasmine Storylook Palette Swatches

Hey guys! I finally took the plunge and ordered myself one of the Sephora Storylook Palettes. Between Cinderella and Jasmine, the obvious choice for me was without a doubt Jasmine. I'll definitely be looking into the Little Mermaid one which I'm guessing will come out in fall but I'm not really sure as there hasn't been any official release date. 

*Edit: Turns out the Ariel collection is out in June on the Sephora website but will be in stores in August, this year! So very soon! Official video link here.

Either way, this post is rather picture heavy, many more pictures and swatches after the jump!

I have to say the packaging on this is beyond gorgeous. If you look closely at the cover you can see the genie. the lamp and a tiger on the gold detailing of Jasmine's outfit which was something I completely missed whilst looking at photos online. I'm pretty sure the product designers knew this would be too pretty to ever throw out so they made the palette inside easy to remove so you can use the case to store other bits and bobs such as makeup or throw in photos or whatever you fancy really. I love how you can take out the palette as it gives it an easel feeling to it and makes you feel like you're truely painting art. This palette is the only palette out of the three that comes with a blusher and a bronzer whilst the other two seem to be all eyeshadows only.

*note all eyeshadow swatches were done over Urban Decay's Primer Potion

Blue Oasis is a light turquoise and was inspired by Jasmine's outfit

Trust Me is a shimmery pink copper inspired by Jasmine's hood when she dresses as a commoner

Abu is a light brown with shimmer, inspired by, you guessed it, Abu's fur

Ali Ababwa is neutral nude inspired by Prince Ali's Cloak

Sultana is a shimmery pink tan inspired by Jasmine's skin tone

Friend like me is a shimmery blue inspired by the Genie

Master is a plum shade with a satin finish and is inspired by Jafar's head piece in the night light

Cosmic is a pale copper shadow with shimmer and is inspired by the moment the palace appears

Cave of Wonders is a golden yellow shadow inspired by the inside of the cave

Sand in a Glass is a light shimmery sand inspired by the desert sand

Lapis is a rich blue inspired by the jewel on Jasmine's tiara

Mystical Wonder is a vibrant purple inspired by the Magic Carpet

Raja is a burnt orange shadow inspired by the tiger's fur

Arabian Sunset is a shimmery coral inspired by the sunset over the palace

Bazaar is a shimmery chocolate inspired by the market place in daylight

As cute as the inspiration colors are, I definitely think some of these are debatable but oh well. It's still a decent palette with a nice mixture of neutrals and colors in my opinion. It's definitely one that will make me try out some more neutral makeup looks at the very least.

I thought I'd group the colors together and swatch them side by side. It looks like the palette has 7 neutralish shades and 8 more colorful ones. If you're not a fan of shimmer then I would not go for this palette as the shimmery shadows are definitely the most pigmented ones. The matte finishes are a little bit harder to work with, the most disappointing shade I found was Ali Ababwa and Blue Oasis did need multiple layers for full opacity but it wasn't as bad as Ali Ababwa.

Colors are from left to right:
Bazaar, Abu, Sultana, Cosmic, Sand in the Glass, Ali Ababwa, Cave of Wonders, Rajah, Arabian Sunset, Master, Mystical Wonder, Lapis, Friend Like Me, Blue Oasis & Trust Me

Thrilling Chase is a pinkish blush inspired by Jasmine playing coy in the moonlight

Golden Sands is the bronzer inspired by the desert sands at night

So that's all for now, I'll be posting up at the very least two look of the days using this palette, one using the blush and another using the bronzer.


  1. I've been eyeing the Disney Princess palettes from Sephora for while now. I just can't decide which to get. These colors are really pretty, and holy cow the packaging is amazing. Lovely review!!
    Have a great weekend!

    1. The Ariel one is out now, I definitely aim to grab one for myself. I hope they release more but I don't think I'll necessarily be buying every single one that releases either probably.

  2. So pretty! I want this palette!!!

    1. This accurately describes how I felt when I first saw this palette lol xD