June 16, 2013

Benefit 'The Rich is Back' Debenhams Exclusive Preview Event

So this Friday I, along with a few other bloggers who had attended the BrumBloggerMeet, were invited along to the Benefit counter at the Debenhams in the Bullring for makeovers and a sneak peak at the new Debenhams exclusive 'The Rich is Back' set. Benefit have collaborated with Matthew Williamson, a leading British fashion designer and have released this limited edition high fashion makeup kit. If you're wondering what Mr Williamson contributed to the product, it's all in the makeup kit's design. The box includes some of his most iconic prints!

"Benefit collaborated with leading British fashion designer Matthew Williamson to flash you back to the glamorous days of disco with rich, seductive shades inspired by vibrant prints. This limited edition, fashion forward kit dresses up your look with flashy eyes, a foxy flush and ruby lips. It's modern decadence!" - benefitcosmetics.co.uk

The item missing in the packaging is a cheek powder brush for the blush. As you can see you get 4 eyeshadows, 3 rather neutral shades and on gorgeous teal kind of shade. You also get a red gloss called inferno, alone with a mini they're real mascara and a blusher so you can easily create a full look with this kit. You can remove the makeup tray to use the box as a jewelry box too!

Walking around the Benefit counter filled with their adorable packaging, I was super tempted to purchase many things but am currently trying not to spend too much. Check out my Benefit Fake Up review.

At the event we were all given the opportunity to get out makeup done using the Rich is
Back makeup kit. There was a lovely mixture of neutral shades, heavy dark smokey looks and a more subtle combination of neutral shades with a hint of teal. Later on, we were all presented with some Benefit goodie bags!

A sneak peak at what I was given.
I was genuinely surprised we were given a goodie bag, sure it's just a bag full of samples this time but I thought it was quite generous of Benefit to do either way. Maybe I'm just surprised as I never started blogging ever expecting to receive free stuff. Especially as a 'shy' blogger who doesn't mention it to people I know aside from a select few. Either way, I think as I have recently been receiving free products, I will be setting up a disclaimer page sometime this month.

After we were given out goodie bags, the lovely Benefit ladies arranged a raffle for one of us to win a set, which Amy from Pretty Young Thing ended up winning. Check out her blog for a potential upcoming review!

Group shot time! Bloggers from left to right are:
Jessica, Emma, Sophie, Clare, Gemma, Carmen, Benebabe Wendy, Amy, Sara, Hayley & moi.

You can either purchase the Rich is Back set at Debenhams or online on the Benefit website for £26.50. It is an online and Debenhams exclusive item and it officially released yesterday.

*A few photos were taken off of Sara from Pretty in Pink, go check out her post on the event!


  1. I really want to try the 'flawless' and the 'fake up' and ...well all of really :)

    Kylie x

    1. haha I understand that feeling, being by that counter was difficult, I was quite eager to try out so many of their things there, especially cause i'm a goner for pretty packaging xD

  2. I love Benefit counters, they're just the nicest people with brilliant products and PR! xo


    1. Yeah, I've only recently realised how nice the counter ladies are over there. They were genuinely quite lovely to be honest with you. XD