June 26, 2013

Bargain of the Month - NYX HD Studio Photogenic Grinding Powder

I have a question. Why are simple things like powder so expensive? Honestly it baffles me. Before university, I had no idea how expensive they were as my mum would always buy my stuff for me. Mind you, this was back when my makeup routine was pretty simple and before my experiment with all of the colors phase. Anyway, I happened to be using Clinique's superbalanced powder makeup as part of my routine. So one day during my uni years, I ran out of powder and made my way to a Clinique counter. Without a thought, I grabbed what I wanted and made my way to the till to make my purchase. When I saw the number ring up I genuinely thought there was a mistake, over £25? For a powder? WHAT.

I am currently on the lookout for cheap powders that are talc free. My last powder had talc in it and I have the feeling it wasn't helping my skin out at all. Luckily, on the Cocktail Cosmetics website, I happened upon this NYX cosmetics HD studio photogenic grinding powder that is usually sold for £21 which I managed to get for less than £5. They don't have much stock left over and there are only 2 variety of beige shades left over. I haven't had any averse reaction to the powder, it has a lovely vanilla scent and to top it all off, it gives you 17g of product which is far superior to Revlon's 7g of product. It essentially works the same way as Clinique's superbalanced powder makeup too, where you have to grind out the product as shown above. It also has a mirror on the inside of the lid which is great. I haven't peeled off the protective cover over the mirror yet though as I figure it'll keep it clean right up till the point that it's the only mirror I have at hand.

*I consider this a ramble rather than a review as powders aren't that particularly exciting products.

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